Booking Request

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Booking Request by Mind Map: Booking Request

1. Host Unresponsive

1.1. Booking is in 'Requested' state. Host has not responded to the booking request

1.2. Chat Agent

1.2.1. 1. Educate Guest to contact Host through the Booking page on TREVO Please refer here for a comprehensive guide Use the canned responses available on Freshchat /hostcontactdetails-en or /hostcontactdetails-bm

1.2.2. Guest HAS TRIED contacting Host but the Host is UNRESPONSIVE a. Advise Guest that we will check with the Host and revert to him/her Send /trevo_callback_closing canned response available on Freshchat b. Assign for callback

1.3. Callback Agent

1.4. 1. Contact host to remind that there is a booking request and inform them of the booking details

1.5. 2. Ask Host if the booking will be accepted/rejected

1.5.1. If Host will accept the booking Contact Guest and inform that the Host will be accepting the booking request shortly.

1.5.2. If Host will reject the booking Escalate to Booking Conversion team for further actions Status: Pending Group: Booking Conversion / Extension # If Booking Conversion team is not available, callback agent to find for alternative

1.6. 3. Resolve the ticket

1.7. For all contacts made to host/guest, add note to the original ticket with the summary of the call