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MITE 6330 - Tang Yuk Ha, Cha (2011871856) by Mind Map: MITE 6330 - Tang Yuk Ha, Cha (2011871856)
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MITE 6330 - Tang Yuk Ha, Cha (2011871856)

Design of Learning/Instructional Products

Learning Technology Product

Context for Development

E-Learning Design

Learning Technology Project Stages


Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6 and 7

Session 8

Group Assignment

Share information

Create the google sites

Project proposal (Draft)

Analysis Questionaire

Learning objectives and outcome

Gantt Chart

Flow chart




Evaluation prototype

Project proposal (Competed)

updated all information on Google site

Additional Resources

Look for more information


Software / Tools


Wiki - Wikipedia

ID Models and Analysis Stage

Instruction Design Models

Learning Theory

Learning From Technology

Design Stage 1

Define a Goal(s)

Conduct Instructional Analysis (Performance,Task, Content Analysis)

Analyze Learners and Context

Write Performance/Learning Objectives

used to guide the design process by describing precisely what the targeted learners should be able to do on completion of the learning experience.

Develop Assessment Strategy

Develop Instructional Strategy

Arrange Instructional Events

Develop a set of Flowcharts

Design Stage 2

Develop a set of Flowcharts

Develop Storyboards

Write design specifications document

Project documentations often includes a Project Design Specifications

Review of key LTD frameworks

A structured Courseware Package Design

Developing and Evaluating a Prototype

What is a prototype?


Prototype Evaluation

Some name to look for....

Web 2.0 Learning Technologies

What is Web2.0

Collection of Web2.0 sites



Social Bookmarking and Social Repositories

RSS Feeds and Aggregators


Social Networking

web as a platform

Mobile Web2.0