Everyday Life

NSTP Movie Concept Map Scott Paz

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Everyday Life by Mind Map: Everyday Life

1. Bullying

1.1. A lot of students are being bullied in the Philippines. The "Mga Patalo"represent the kids that are bullied in thee country because of their status in school is. They are bullied verbally, physically, and in the internet. Students that are victims of bullying tend to have a low self-esteem, are anxious of people, and are afraid to communicate with new people.

1.1.1. My proposed solution to this issue is raising awareness on bullying in the school environment. Some teachers neglect that their students are being bullied and tell the bully to just stop rather than solving the problem. Raising awareness of RA No. 10627 or the Anti-Bullying Act of 2013 is also an effective method to remove bullying in schools

2. Cheating

2.1. Some people have different motives when it come to competing. Everyone wants to win but only a few can win. Some people tend to cheat in order to win like in Meng's case where she dropped a pebble so that her enemy wold trip. Cheating is not limited only in sports but can also be present when it comes to politics. Some politicians buy votes by giving out people cash which results to bias votes.

2.1.1. Educating people that cheating is bad and accepting bribes only result in short-term needs being solved is an effective way to reduce cheating in Philippines politics. Teaching them that one must vote on who they really think is worthy of a government position not by fame or fortune, but rather their mental and physical capacity to lead the people

3. Family Problems

3.1. Children are victims of family problems as it causes them to have negative feelings to the people whom they love and trust the most. Meng and her brother suffer from this since they have a hard time communicating with one another and have bad blood towards each other. Some children have broken families, some have a negative attitude towards relatives, and some just don't feel connected with them.

3.1.1. My proposed solution for this issue is that we should raise awareness on speaking up to family concerns and not just hide it. Families should solve their internal problems by talking to each other and solving their issues together in order for them to know that their family understands them and love them

4. Smoking Addiction

4.1. There are a lot of smokers in the Philippines that have a hard time quitting smoking for good. In the film, Meng's grandmother was shown as a chainsmoker that had a hard time quitting, which resulted to her death. In the film it showed . People who have problems tend to find relaxation in nicotine, and some people just do it because of peer pressure.

4.1.1. My proposed solution to smoking addiction is to ban cigarettes. Cigarettes are a lead cause of lung cancer as not only first-hand users obtain the deadly toxins that are in cigarettes but also the second-hand and third-hand smokers. There is another alternative that is safe which is significantly less harmful than cigarettes.