Book Plot

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Book Plot by Mind Map: Book Plot

1. Location

1.1. Midwest Town

1.1.1. Middleclass Neighbourhood Hat Shop Downtown Photography Studio Victorian House

1.1.2. Springfield Illinois

2. Timeline

2.1. Backstory

2.1.1. Main Story Not Shown Booking the photography session Springtime Early 1900's

2.1.2. Mother from New York, daughter of Irish Immigrants

2.1.3. Father has affair with shop keeper

2.1.4. Son is adopted from orphanage

2.1.5. Placeholder for Photographer

3. Characters

3.1. Son

3.1.1. Mother Father Photographer Hardworking and mild mannered. Domineering and angry with her station in life. Wants more for her son.

3.1.2. Wants to please his mother.

3.1.3. Only child

3.2. Seven years old

4. Plot

4.1. Boy goes to the photography studio for his annual portrait at the request of his mother.

4.2. The photographer has a trunk full of costumes and asks the boy to select one for his photo.