Successful Learning and Assessment

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Successful Learning and Assessment by Mind Map: Successful Learning and Assessment

1. Concurrent Critereon

1.1. yields numerical indices

1.2. correlation between two tests given simultaneously, new and established for evaluation

1.2.1. Find examples

1.2.2. Find relevant quotes

1.2.3. References Books News sources Blogs Supporting Data Expert reports Third party research Survey data Size of topic

2. Predictive Validity Evidence

2.1. yields numerical indices

2.2. criterion related

2.3. example:apptitude tests; predicts future success or future behavior of examinees.

3. Construct Validity Evidence

3.1. based on a theory, rather than a measureable standard or critereon to compare results to.

4. Reliability

4.1. Test-Retest; same test given two times, results compared

4.1.1. Equivilance; two equivalent tests given and the correlation determined, large variance in results indicated unreliable test Internal Consistency; test broken into two halves, odd-even relaibility to balance difficulty level

5. Content Validity

5.1. does test measure instructional objectives? yields a logical judgement of test effectiveness