Determination: Chasing Your Goals

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Determination: Chasing Your Goals by Mind Map: Determination: Chasing Your Goals

1. Edgar Allen Poe

1.1. Author of "El Dorado"

1.2. World Events of 1849

1.3. He faced many hardships all of his life which shows true determination because of how popular his writings became.

1.4. The poem comes off with the theme that a knight is determined to find a so called place known as "El Dorado" but in actuality Poe wrote this poem to describe his search to find a final place to end his life in.

2. Maxie Von Schwerin

2.1. This painting is called "Determination"

2.2. With determination you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

2.3. Maxie writes that she paints human interactions and does her best to express them through paint. Doing such a thing can be a difficult task and it takes true deterimination to perfect her work.

3. Theme: Determination

3.1. ?

3.2. ?

3.3. Determination

3.4. Determination is chasing after goal.

4. Sophocles

4.1. Author of "Antigone"

4.2. World Events

4.3. He was very determined at a young age which put him at a great advantage early in life which contributed a lot to his success.

4.4. Sophocles not only wrote many great peices but was also a very highly respected actor and performer. His determination to succeed had a large effect on his writing.