Business Development

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Business Development by Mind Map: Business Development

1. Assets/Positives

1.1. Vibrant community, good reputation

1.2. Make more use of park, get the gates open

1.3. Large employers

1.3.1. NSP

1.3.2. Northpine

1.3.3. MacInnes

1.3.4. Pizza Barn

1.3.5. 4 Square

1.3.6. Dairy farmers

1.3.7. Fresha Valley

1.3.8. ITM

1.3.9. Waipu Primary

2. Issues/Liabilities

2.1. Graphiti, bored youth, crime

2.2. Footpath repaved on southern side of main street

2.3. No small business park

2.4. No place to attract light industrial

2.5. More building owners involved in our town

2.6. The parking and the road crossings could be re-thunk!

2.7. No empty shops for new business to open

2.8. Council Christmas flags still up

3. Stakeholders

3.1. Local business community people,

3.2. visitors,

3.3. us

3.4. families

4. Ideas

4.1. Make more of our Waipu Dairy Co Fresha Valley of Waipu

4.2. Kayak trips on rivers

4.3. Guided Caving tours

4.4. Build the Celtic barn and capture corporate functions

4.5. Make something of Waipu being on the Araroa walkway

4.6. Surf Life Saving NZ ski race from the cove to Waipu finishing here to capitalise on people and money spent

4.7. New restaurant at Artform

4.8. More cafes open late pm at weekends

4.9. Bigger venue barn project bring community together

4.10. Build on Tartan Week promos Easter Carnival

4.11. Cycleway/Walkway Business to rent bikes

4.12. Main street attractive to visitors and engaging shop variety

4.13. More business Three development High speed internet Guided Bird watching

4.14. Caledonian entry opened as sitting/performance space Village Green

4.15. Fashion design co-op

4.16. More cafes Could the town be a country mall! (Just covered spaces)

4.17. Mow field near SH1 saying

4.18. Wildlife tours in estuary One caf

4.19. Art gallery

4.20. What about a gallery People love galleries (Artform was ideal)

4.21. Signage on right side of SH1 at the corner (turn off)

4.22. Tartan flags from bridge to bridge

4.23. Promote cycleway as it is pretty flat around village

4.24. Sign

4.25. Cinema like Matakana or outdoor movie

4.26. Fresha Valley milk tour Farm

4.27. All buildings businesses have a heritage panel

4.28. Sails

4.29. Levy on each business for Waipu promo internet campaign