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Fear by Mind Map: Fear

1. Masque of The Red Death

2. The Work Itself: Short Story

2.1. Though there were many forms he could have used to describe what he was trying to say, Poe chose to use a short story. By having a plot line to the work it compares to the events in sequence leading up to death. It also allows for him to use as much detail as he wants. If he had used a poem it would have restricted the amount of words he could have used without overbearing the reader.

3. Meaning: You cannot beat death no matter what you do.

3.1. Though the rich people at the party were happy and safe from the sickness outside the castle they still met their untimely demise. Poe was trying to say that even though they surrounded themselves with splendor and wonder they still died, communicating that no matter what you do you're still going to die no matter what.

4. The Type of Fear Described: The fear of death at the end of life

4.1. This story specifically describes humanity's fear of dying and death itself. Poe uses the symbolism of the rooms in the mansion the party is being held at as a way of portraying different stages of life including death.

5. Jabberwocky

6. The Types of Fear Described: all fear/the Jabberwock represents fear itself

6.1. The Jabberwocky uses the monster the Jabberwock to describe the quite literal battle people go through to face and/or defeat their fears.

7. Language: Nonsense Poem

7.1. By using nonsense language in the poem he allows for the ending to have multiple meanings. The Nonsense words can mean just about anything depending on how you read them and by having a repeated stanza at the beginning and the end it allows for the reader to interpret his or her own meaning.

8. The Work Itself: Poem

8.1. By using the form of a poem Lewis Carol adds a more whimsical feel to it. The structure of a poem helps the reader not feel so bogged down with the heaviness of the topic, but still conveys the ideas.

9. Language: Parallels to the Black Plague

9.1. Poe isn't just describing fictitious events, he's drawing from an event in history known as the Black Death or the Black Plague.

10. Meaning: Fear can be defeated depending on the person.

10.1. Everyone faces fears in their life but depending on how they approach them the fears can be defeated. They can also come back and linger after a confrontation such as the metaphorical one described in Jabberwocky.