Q & Mosquito & Via_Rotterdam

[Via_Rotterdam] Movie Scene_Sequence…[Homage_to_a_Mosquito] Movie Scene_Sequence...

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Q & Mosquito & Via_Rotterdam by Mind Map: Q & Mosquito & Via_Rotterdam

1. Potential_Executive_Producer

1.1. Recep Tayyip Erdogan

2. Homage to A Mosquito

2.1. Cast

2.1.1. Hiçkirik Dizisi Hıçkırık Dizisi Kenan Kimdir? Gerçek Adı Bilgileri Biyografisi Carpenter at UCBerkeley Drama Dept Brother of Arda_Hacioglu

2.1.2. UC Berkeley ranks 6th in academic reputation for 5th year in row PENELOPE CRUZ in Elle Magazine, France January 2018 – HawtCelebs

2.1.3. Penelope Cruz Dean of UCBerkeley Drama Dept Single

2.1.4. .

2.1.5. Mansour_Taeed UCBerkeley Drama Dept Stage Manager Iran: Theatre - تئاتر One with [Eyeglasses] not sunglasses... [Affi_Taeed] plays [Mansour_Taeed]'s wife

2.1.6. ..

2.1.7. Arda Hacioglu Arda Hacıoğlu International Import/Export Businessman Brother of Hiçkirik_Dizisi

2.1.8. Theo Theodoridis 4876261031777431753491760724521n.jpg (453×604) | Fantasias masculinas, Roupa cigana, Modelos masculinos Ex_Model

2.1.9. Maggie Q What to Do at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas PeopleQuiz - Biography - Maggie Q General_Manager at Luxor_Hotel Girlfriend of Ex_Model, Theo_Theodoridis

3. Homage_to_A_Mosquito_Scene_Sequence

3.1. [1]

3.1.1. [General_Manager] of [Luxor_Hotel] phones [Ex_Model] [Theo_Theodoridis] to make a special appearance on a upcoming [Fashion_Show]... [Ex_Model] accepts the invitation...

3.2. [2]

3.2.1. [Fashion_Show] at [Luxor_Hotel]

3.3. [3]

3.3.1. [Reception] after the [Fashion_Show] [General_Manager] hooks [Ex_Model] [Love_Scene]

3.4. [4]

3.4.1. [UCBerkeley_Drama_Department]_Stage Rehearsal going on... [Stage_Manager] at work...

3.5. [5]

3.5.1. Behind the Stage Carpenters at work... One Carpenter allergic to dust, [Hiçkirik_Dizisi], sneezes...

3.6. [6]

3.6.1. Stage Rehearsal continues... Dean watching the stage...

3.7. [7]

3.7.1. More rehearsal... Dean looks at her watch/appointment time... Dean leaves auditorium...

3.8. [8]

3.8.1. Dean reappears at the back of the stage... Asks to borrow someone's car; urgent appointment... Carpenter who sneezed throws his key to the Dean & gives her the location where his car is & instructs her to leave the car back there...

3.9. [9]

3.9.1. Next day at the back of the stage... Dean comes over to return the car key to the Carpenter...

3.10. Potential Executive Producer

3.10.1. Recep_Tayyip_Erdogan

3.11. [10]

3.11.1. Dean's Secretary gets a call from the babysitter that her daughter is sick... Dean's Secretary reports to the Dean that she got a call from her baby sitter that her child is sick & her car is in the Repair_Shop for a few days; Dean loans her car key...

3.12. [11]

3.12.1. Dean shows up at the back of the stage... Dean asks the Carpenter to giver her a ride home that she loaned her car to her secretary... There is an Indian Dance Performance scheduled that evening at the Theater that the Dean needs to attend, so it will be around 9pm the she needs the lift...

3.13. [12]

3.13.1. Dean lives up on the Berkeley Hill; Carpenter drops off the Dean at her house after the Indian Dance Performance... Before the Dean gets off the car, the Carpenter invites the Dean to his birthday party his Landlord is throwing... Dean accepts the invitation...

3.14. [13]

3.14.1. The Dean arrives at the Capenter's birthday party... Barbeque chicken is going on at the backyard... The Ex_Model Landlord's girlfriend is visiting from [Las_Vegas] for the occasion...

3.15. [14]

3.15.1. Inside the Carpenter's Room... The Carpenter takes out some Cocaine; the 2 snorts together... The Dean notices a photo of someone on the Night Stand...

3.16. [15]

3.16.1. The Dean invites the Carpenter to a party... The Carpenter doesn't feel he belongs to the same 'class' of people the Dean hangs out with... The Dean assures the Carpenter that he already knows most of the people coming to the party that it is a department party...

3.17. [16]

3.17.1. At a party... The Dean is wearing a See_Through dress; the Carpenter is wearing Hawaiian_Shirt... The Stage Manager compliments the Carpenter's Hawaiian_Shirt & introduces him his wife...

3.18. [17]

3.18.1. The Carpenter & his brother hike up the Berkeley_Hills above the Greek_Theater... The Carpenter & his brother r smoking pot together as they hike... The Carpenter tells his brother that the Dean is a nymphomaniac...

3.19. [18]

3.19.1. The Carpenter drives the Dean around at night into the city... The Carpenter tells the Dean that his brother will be coming over the next night & he is to help his co-worker with moving & will be home a little late & tells the Dean to introduce herself to his brother... The 2 smooch with a scenic background...

3.20. [19]

3.20.1. The Landlord, [Theo_Theodoridis], opens the front door for the Carpenter's brother [Arda_Hacioglu] with a suitcase whom he met before...

3.21. [20]

3.21.1. [Arda] opens his brother's room door & finds the Dean in her jeans sitting on the bed reading... [Arda] is arriving from Turkey after having visited his folks at their home... [Arda] offers the Dean Turish Belly Dancer's costume as a present...

3.22. [21]

3.22.1. [Arda]'s cellphone rings; his Capenter brother is going to be late about an hour & tells him to wash up & wait for him... [Arda] asks the Dean if it would be Ok if he took shower & Dean says 'yes, of course'... [Arda] does into shower after leaving some cocaine on the table for the Dean...

3.23. [22]

3.23.1. The Carpenter returns home with Chinese Take-out dinner... The Carpenter's brother has left & the cat is kneading on the bed & the Dean is in her bathrobe lying on the bed looking sassy... The Carpenter notices the Turkish Belly Dancer's costume lying about...

3.24. [23]

3.24.1. The Carpenter is sitting in the prison cell...

3.25. [24]

3.25.1. The Dean is driving the Carpenter's Sports car; she steps on the gas... The car crashing site is shown from a distance...

3.26. [25]

3.26.1. Ex_Landlord, [Theo_Theodoridis] & freed Ex_Carpenter r drinking coffee in Istanbul coffee shop overlooking the Blue_Mosque... https://www.islamicity.org/11228/blue-mosque-the-jewel-of-istanbul/

3.27. [26]

3.27.1. Ex_Carpenter who is now rich from the huge insurance money & his Ex_Landlord is walking through the Tokapi Palace... The Topkapi Palace and its Harem; the sultan's heaven on earth in Istanbul - World Wanderista

3.28. [27]

3.28.1. Ex_Carpenter & his Ex_Landldord stoll out of Tokapi_Palace with the tower at the gate shown behind them... https://www.gettyimages.com/photos/topkapi-palace?mediatype=photography&phrase=topkapi%20palace&sort=mostpopular

4. Parrot Thought To Be Extinct In The Wild Spotted Soaring Free

5. 'Do what u feel in your heart to be right', Mindmeister? U couldn't have quoted that line without the consent from Russia...

5.1. @leetaesung2 - Twitter Search

6. Cast

7. [Via_Rotterdam : The_Destiny]

7.1. [1] Khaled_Selim

7.1.1. Bodhidharma Space_Traveller USS_Enterprise / NCC-1701

7.2. [2] Johnny_Depp

7.2.1. Tibetan_Monk Musician Space_Traveller

7.3. [3] Omar_Borkan

7.3.1. Tibetan_Monk Space_Traveller USS_Enterprise / NCC-1701

7.4. [4] Nyle_DiMarco

7.4.1. Tibetan_Monk Space_Traveller USS_Enterprise / NCC-1701

7.5. [5] Theo_Theodoridis

7.5.1. Ex_Model Sydney Rotterdam

7.6. [6] Rich_Vermeesch

7.6.1. Rotterdam Diamond_Salesman Numedia

7.7. [7] Kazuya_Kamenashi

7.7.1. Flunky_Electronics_Technician Son_of_Japanese_Diamond_Mogul 1/2_Japanese_1/2_Korean

7.8. [8] Lee_Tae_Sung

7.8.1. Ex_IT_Exec Diamond_Salesman 1/2_Brother of Kazuya_Kamenashi

7.9. [9] Joachim_Phoenix

7.9.1. Alexander Undercover_Dective Diamond_Salesman

7.10. [10] Hiçkirik_Dizisi

7.10.1. Sydney Hotel_Owner Diamond_Salesman

7.11. [11] Arda_Hacioglu

7.11.1. Rotterdam Doctor

7.12. [12] Mansour_Taeed

7.12.1. Cyrus / Sydney

7.12.2. Darius / Numedia USS_Enterprise / NCC-1701

7.13. [13] Samuel_L_Jackson

7.13.1. Saint_Augustine Numedia USS_Enterprize / NCC-1701

7.14. [14] Kim_Kardashian

7.14.1. X Numedia USS_Enterprise / NCC-1701

7.15. [15] Hugh_Laurie

7.15.1. Space_Traveller Musician USS_Enterprise / NCC-1701

7.16. [16] Tom_Waits

7.16.1. Ramulan Musician Space_Traveller

7.17. [17] Armin_Shimerman

7.17.1. Ferengi / Quark USS_Enterprise / NCC-1701

7.18. [18] Brent_Spiner

7.18.1. Data USS_Enterprise / NCC-1701

7.19. [19] Jang_Geun_Suk

7.19.1. Hwang_Tae_Kyung Neo_Data USS_Enterprise / NCC-1701

7.20. [20] Patrick_Stewart

7.20.1. Captain_Picard USS_Enterprise / NCC-1701

7.21. [21] Pietro_Boselli

7.21.1. Starfleet_Officer USS_Enterprise / NCC-1701

7.22. [22] Recep_Tayyip_Erdogan

7.22.1. Ferengi Space_Traveller USS_Enterprise / NCC-1701

7.23. [23] Vladimir_Vladimirovich_Putin

7.23.1. Ferengi Space_Traveller USS_Enterprise / NCC-1701

7.24. [24] Jeff_Bezos

7.24.1. Ferengi Space_Traveller

7.25. [25] Bill_Gates

7.25.1. Ferengi Space_Traveller

8. Potential_Executive_Producer

8.1. Jeff_Bezos

9. Script_Inheritor

9.1. Lee_Tae_Sung

10. Script_Inheritor

10.1. Theo_Theodoridis

11. [1] Correction: When a document is Created, the first thing that happens is it's LINK to publishing mechanism gets kickstarted via auto-generating the [URL_#1]...

11.1. As u choose the TEMPLATE...

12. Mindmeister loves to fuck with ( )...

13. So r u telling ( ) nobody is having problem figuring out Mindmeister?

13.1. Well, hell, ( ) m 67 years old... Give ( ) a break~

13.2. .

13.3. As for those who do have problem, GoTo:

13.4. ..

13.5. Paran Nancho III | MindMeister

14. USS_Enterprise / NCC-1701

14.1. Those that do not go onboard the USS_Enterprise / NCC-1701

15. Via_Rotterdam / Scene_Sequence

15.1. [1]

15.1.1. Tibet [11th_century_AD] 2 Tibetan Monks walk on Silk Road

15.2. [2]

15.2.1. [Omar] opens his eyes & sees two Tibetan Monks prostrating & meditating...

15.3. [3]

15.3.1. [Omar] is sitting up... [Johnny] gestures if [Omar] is hungry & goes to kitchen to bring some food... [Nyle] asks if [Omar] followed stars to navigate & asks how many nights he has travelled...

15.4. [4]

15.4.1. [Omar] joins [Johnny] & [Nyle] prostrating & meditating...

15.5. [5]

15.5.1. [Johnny], [Nyle] & [Omar] walk up the hills to a cave... [Bodhidharma is meditating... [Johnny], [Nyle] & [Omar] sit near [Bodhidharma] & meditate...

15.6. [6]

15.6.1. [Sydney] 2020 AD Christmas night...

15.7. [7]

15.7.1. [Hotel_Control_Room] [Hiçkirik] is showing [Lee_Tae_Sung] the monitor that is malfunctioning; the two know each other because they r both in the diamond business & [Hiçkirik] also knows that [Lee_Tae_Sung] was once an IT_Exec & sought out his advice... [Lee_Tae_Sung] notices an Asian Bartender, [Kazuya], & asks about him...

15.8. [8]

15.8.1. [Sydney_Hotel_Bar] Bar is empty & only [Kazuya_Kamenashi] is working at the Bar... [Lee_Tae_Sung] enters the Bar loosening his tie & orders a drink...

15.9. [9]

15.9.1. [Lee_Tae_Sung] & [Kazuya] r checking out shopping malls... [Kazuya] & [Lee_Tae_Sung] are frolicking on the streets during the day time with ice cream cones...

15.10. [10]

15.10.1. [Sydney_Hotel_Bar] [Theo_Theodoridis] is eyeing on [Kazuya]... [Kazuya] recognizes the Ex_Model's face...

15.11. [11]

15.11.1. [Lee_Tae_Sung] is working on a spreadsheet on his laptop in his hotel room... Cellphone rings... [Kazuya] wants to go for a walk...

15.12. [12]

15.12.1. Sunset... [Kazuya] & [Lee_Tae_Sung] walk on the beach... [Kazuya] tells [Lee_Tae_Sung] that he is leaving Sydney & tells him how he met the Ex_Model & the invitation to become a Model...

15.13. [12.3]

15.13.1. Sydney Hotel Contol Room... [Hiçkirik] is showing [Lee_Tae_Sung] video clip of [Kazuya] meeting [Theo_Theodoridis]...

15.14. [12.4]

15.14.1. [Joachim_Pheonix] is meeting with [Kazuya]'s dad in Japan about an undercover assignment to track [Kazuya]... Mikei Red Reishi

15.15. [12.5]

15.15.1. Sydney_Hotel_Control_Room [Hiçkirik] is showing [Pheonixl] the video clips of [Kazuya] meeting [Lee_Tae_Sung] & [Theo] at the bar...

15.16. [13]

15.16.1. [Rotterdam] 2020 AD [Rich_Vermeesch] has heart attack in front of [Markthal]...

15.17. [14]

15.17.1. [Kazuya] listening to music with headphone on the sofa with a cat... [Theo] on his way to shower; towel around his waist hulla [Theo] places his cellphone on the low table in front of [Kazuya]... As [Kazuya] looks up, [Theo] hula dances... [Kazuya] removes his headphone...

15.18. [15]

15.18.1. [Dr_Asuman]/[Arda_Hacioglu] making rounds visits [Rich] & chats what his profession is... [Rich] tells [Dr_Asuman] that he met a famous Ex_Model who picked up his bag with diamonds when he collapsed...

15.19. [16]

15.19.1. [Dr_Asuman] calls his diamond merchant friend, [Hiçkirik] in Sydney & tells him about [Rich] & his diamonds in the hands of Ex_Model... [Hiçkirik] tells [Dr_Asuman] that the Ex_Model recently stayed in his hotel & swept away the Japanese bartender whose dad is a diamond mogul in Japan... [Dr_Asuman] asks [Hiçkirik] if he knows the bartender's dad & [Hiçkirik] says the bartender's dad had called him asking him to offer a bartender job at his hotel & his dad hired a undercover detective to trace his son...

15.20. [17]

15.20.1. [Hiçkirik] comes out of the shower & he leans against the wall mirror -- in a remorse... 김의규 MINIFICTORY

15.21. [18]

15.21.1. Markthal... [Theo], [Rich] & [Kazuya] r walking through the mall when [Kazuya] splits to pick up ice cream cones... [Lee_Tae_Sung] is purchasing ice cream cone when [Kazuya] reaches the ice cream parlor... [Daniel_Pardel] is spying on [Kazuya] reuniting with [Lee_Tae_Sung]...

15.22. [19]

15.22.1. [Kazuya] & [Lee_Tae_Sung] notices a curio merchant, [Darius], who looks just like [Cyrus], the diamond merchant they knew in Sydney... Algeria's Roman Heritage - Roundtrips and Cultural Tours - Activities - Penguin Travel The Numidian market place may have looked similar to -->

15.23. [20]

15.23.1. Ancient Africa and trade. This illustration by Angus Mcbride shows Phoenician traders trading with Mandé me… | African drawings, Ancient carthage, Ancient [Darius] takes interest in [Kazuya] at first sight & takes [Theo] by the side & bargains to exchange with info leading to a wise man who could help them find their way back to 21st century Rotterdam... [Pheonix] overhears the conversation between [Darius] & [Lee_Tae_Sung]...

15.24. [21]

15.24.1. [Darius] is curious about the time & space where the foreigners came from & wants to travel with them, so he had offered back the [Emerald_Ring] -- he received from [Lee_Tae_Sung] who received it from [Pheonix] who received it from [Kazuya]'s father... [Lee_Tae_Sung] offers the [Emerald_Ring] to [St_Augustine] as a gratitude... Emerald

15.25. [22]

15.25.1. Starship stops at [Nibiru]... [Bodhidharma] & 3 Tibetan_Monks from [11th_century_AD] come onboard as well as a [Ramulan][Tom_Waits] & Ex_Starfleet_Bartender, [Hugh_Laurie]... As 6 new customers enter the [Starship_Bar], [Quark] eyes on [Nyle_DiMarco]...

15.26. [23]

15.26.1. [St_Augustine] finds himself sitting on the Captain's seat with [X] sitting on his right arm_rest with ancient Eyptian attire... Clothing in Ancient Egypt (Part 3) [USS_Enterprise][NCC-1701] is under attack by [Ramulans]...

15.27. [24]

15.27.1. At the [Starship_Bar]... Ferengi Image: The Nagus Intercom announces [Captain_StAugustine] has been replaced by [Captain_Theodoridis]...

15.28. [25]

15.28.1. Command_Room [Lee_Tae_Sung] requests [Data] to c him at the Hallway via Msg to his Watch...

15.29. [26]

15.29.1. Hallway [Lee_Tae_Sung] tells [Data] to duplicate itself that the Earthlings will kill their last foe... [Data] suggests 2 to go to his room & conjure up [Captain_Picard] to ask his advice...

15.30. [27]

15.30.1. At the [Starship_Bar]... [Lee_Tae_Sung] sips a drink & chats with [Quark]...

15.31. [28]

15.31.1. [Command_Room] Alien ships attacking USS_Enterprise/NCC-1701 is seen on the wide screen... Turbulence; lights go out...

15.32. [29]

15.32.1. At the [Starship_Bar]... [Lee_Tae_Sung] tells [Quark] that [Data] might b able to save the Starship... [Quark] is not amused at the prospect of an Android manning the Starship...

15.33. [30]

15.33.1. [Command_Room] [Kazuya] is numbed at the death of [Theodoridis]... [Vermeesch] grabs [Kazuya]'s wrist & leads him out into the Hallway...

15.34. [31]

15.34.1. [Data]'s room [Lee_Tae_Sung] is upgrading several clones of [Data] into [Hwag_Tae_Kyung]; [Kazuya] assists...

15.35. [32]

15.35.1. [Command_Room] Close up of the wide screen... Alien ships attacking USS_Enterprise/NCC-1701 is seen on the wide screen...

15.36. [33]

15.36.1. At the [Starship_Bar] [Intercom] announces [Captain_X] has been replaced by [Captain_Darius]... [Quark] & [Hugh_Laurie] stare at each other...

15.37. [34]

15.37.1. [Lee_Tae_Sung]'s room [Lee_Tae_Sung] & [Kazuya] r in bed together; they r motionless apprehensive about future...

15.38. [35]

15.38.1. [Command_Room] Close up of the wide screen... Alien ships attacking USS_Enterprise/NCC-1701 is seen on the wide screen...

15.39. [36]

15.39.1. GoTo: [38]

15.40. [37]

15.40.1. Continued at: Paran Nancho IV | MindMeister ... ....

15.41. .

15.42. [38]

15.42.1. At the [Starship_Bar] [Intercom] announces [Captain_Darius] has been replaced by [Captain_Alexander]... [Quark] & [Hugh_Laurie] stare at each other...

15.43. [39]

15.43.1. [Data]'s room [Lee_Tae_Sung] & [Kazuya] r finetuning on the upgraded [Data] -- 3 [Hwang_Tae_Kyung]'s...

15.44. [40]

15.44.1. [Command_Room] Close up of the wide screen... Alien ships attacking USS_Enterprise/NCC-1701 is seen on the wide screen...

15.45. [41]

15.45.1. At the [Starship_Bar] [Intercom] announces [Captain_Alexander] has been replaced by [Captain_Data]... [Quark] & [Hugh_Laurie] stare at each other for a second then puts down what they were doing & run toward the Hologram Room...

15.46. [42]

15.46.1. [Data]'s room [Lee_Tae_Sung] & [Kazuya] r turning on the triplicate clones -- 3 [Hwang_Tae_Kyung]'s... [Captain_Data] calls for replacement Starfleet_Officers through [Lee_Tae_Sung]'s beeper...

15.47. [43]

15.47.1. [Command_Room] 3 [Hwang_Tae_Kyung]'s fill in the posts where Starfleet Officers r missing... Light comes back on...

15.48. [44]

15.48.1. [Lee_Tae_Sung] runs toward the Hologram Room & opens the door... Inside the Hologram room r filled with all the Space_Tavellers +: *[Captain_Picard] is dancing with [Bodhidharma] while [3 Musicians] r playing guitars: **[Tibetan_Monk]: Johnny_Depp **[Ramulan]: Tom_Waits **[Bartender]: Hugh_Laurie ***[Ferengi_1]: [Quark] dancing ***[Ferengi_2]: [Gates] dancing ***[Ferengi_3]: [Bezos] dancing ***[Ferengi_4]: [Erdogan] dancing ***[Ferengi_5]: [Putin] dancing ***[Tibetan_Monk]: Omar_Borkan dancing ***[Tibetan_Monk]: Nyle_DiMarco dancing ***[Kazuya] was dancing with ***[Vermeesch] when he saw ****[Lee_Tae_Sung] entering the Hologram_Room & runs to embrace him in tears... [Vermeesch] joins the embrace...

15.49. 45

15.49.1. Starship [Cargo_Bay] Parts of [Data] r beeping & scurrying on the shelves & putting themselves together...

15.50. 46

15.50.1. External scene showing USS_Enterprise/NCC-1701 taking off in warp speed...