Modern World Challenges

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Modern World Challenges by Mind Map: Modern World Challenges

1. the usage of narcotics such as cocaine,heroin, pills etc.

2. there is an increase in obesity, cardiovascular disease and other illnesses worldwide

3. unequal distribution of academic resources such as school funding, qualified teachers,books and technologies to socially excluded communities

4. a wide range off offensive or unwanted behaviour in order to make other person uncomfortable

5. teaching children that amount of success and happiness is equal to the amount of stuff one has

6. corruption

6.1. form of unethical conduct by an authority to acquire personal benefit

6.2. political corruption is a mayor trend nowadays

7. educational disperity

8. drug addiction

8.1. the effects ruin body and soul and mostly affect teenagers

9. internet addiction

9.1. compulsive internet can interfere with daily life, work and relationships

9.2. youth nowadays are addicted to smartphones, internet and other things

10. terrorism

10.1. it is felt all across the globe

11. women harrasment

11.1. most often women are the victims of harassment and the offenders are male

12. lifestyle diseases

12.1. the result of the way we live, work and go about our everyday lives

13. materialism

14. pollution

14.1. an issue of global concern

14.2. introduction of unwanted substances into natural environment leading to environmental instability, disorder, discomfort and harm to the ecosystem