Lecture 8/9 Mar 26

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Lecture 8/9 Mar 26 by Mind Map: Lecture 8/9 Mar 26

1. Falstad simulation of part II

2. Stuff

2.1. Berkeley transistors and diodes

2.2. Making homemade transistors

3. Tension between "physics" and "engineering" treatment of electronics

3.1. E.g. how do transistors really work

4. Group work

4.1. First, Falstad

4.2. Lab part II

4.2.1. How does the switch work?

4.2.2. What is the point of using the transistor as a switch

4.2.3. How fast do you think it is?

4.2.4. Thoughts Can use voltages and currents to turn things on and off rather than a physical thing--possibly faster Transistors can turn on other transistors Maybe provides a safer way to control a circuit, the user accesses a lower current part of the circuit