4 Ways to Deal With Negative People

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4 Ways to Deal With Negative People by Mind Map: 4 Ways to Deal With Negative People

1. Visualize negativity as a beam of white light

1.1. When triggered by negativity, visualize this energy as a beam of white light coming towards you.

1.2. Instead of it crashing against you however, picture the light flowing through you, without making an impact.

1.3. You can also visualize the light glowing brighter as it floods your body. Then watch it dissipate as it goes out the other side.

2. Stop pulling the trigger

2.1. Stop putting yourself in the firing line. If a negative conversation starts, remove yourself from the situation.

2.2. If you have negative friends, replace them with positive ones.

2.3. If you work with negative people, ask to be moved to another area, or or simply don’t engage.

2.4. Negative people thrive on negativity, so stop pulling the trigger.

3. Acceptance

3.1. You can’t always avoid negativity. When this is the case, accept it completely, at least until you can make changes.

3.2. Don’t get acceptance confused with giving up however. Acceptance isn’t passive.

3.2.1. It’s often the first step towards corrective action.

3.3. But in the moment, you accept the facts, no matter what.

4. Use negative people for growth

4.1. If someone is being argumentative, use it as a chance to practice non-reactivity.

4.2. If someone is criticizing you, use it as an opportunity to practice your perspective-taking skills.

4.3. If someone is acting out in unawareness, use it as a chance to practice tolerance and compassion.