5 Powerful Words That Will Transform Any Conversation You Have

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5 Powerful Words That Will Transform Any Conversation You Have by Mind Map: 5 Powerful Words That Will Transform Any Conversation You Have

1. Introduction

1.1. The words “Can I get your advice?” might just be like steroids for everyday conversation.

2. Advice Goes Deeper Than Normal Conversation

2.1. Answering a call for advice requires wisdom.

2.2. It requires the best arguments we can muster because now we’re playing a high stakes game.

2.3. Getting asked for advice is like facing a worthy opponent. If we don’t bring our best, it could end badly.

2.4. The words we utter while giving advice can be some of the most important words we ever speak

3. Advice Means You Value The Other Person

3.1. When you put your future in somebody else’s hands, it means you both trust them and value their opinion.

3.2. This is a remarkable gift to give to somebody.

3.3. This alone is a reason why you should ask for advice from somebody at least once per day.

3.4. By indirectly telling them you trust them, they’ll return the favor and trust you right back

3.5. This will make your conversations much better in the future.

4. Advice Puts You In The Passenger’s Seat

4.1. Asking for advice is also a good way to show respect to someone.

4.2. The best way to show you have power is by relinquishing it.

4.3. When you ask for advice, you’re basically putting yourself in the passenger’s seat. You’re admitting you need help.

5. You Get Some Help

5.1. You get a different perspective on something that will most likely help you make a better decision.

6. You’ll Make A Friend, You’ll Get Advice, And You’ll Be Remembered

6.1. Most times these conversations will lead to light bulb moments.

6.2. It will spur future conversations. They may ask you for advice, as well. This is where meaningful friendships happen.

6.3. You might also get to be best friends with the person