How to get your body in shape for Summer 2012

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How to get your body in shape for Summer 2012 by Mind Map: How to get your body in shape for Summer 2012

1. Healthy nutrition

1.1. It's important to eat in your diet, starving just causes the YoYo affect

1.2. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

1.3. Soups

1.3.1. Soups help digestion because they are warm

1.4. Fish

1.4.1. Eat a fish dish at least once a week

1.5. Meat

1.5.1. Eat meat two or three times a week but not too much, have side dishes like potatoes or rice.

2. Breakfast

2.1. You should always take time to have breakfast before working. It's the most important meal of the day.

2.2. Cereals with fruits

2.3. Healthy breads with spreads and low fat cheese/ ham

3. The golden rule: Eat small portions and stop eating when you think you are full.

4. Try to do sports at least three times a week

4.1. Go Running

4.1.1. In the first week 20 minutes

4.1.2. In the second week 30 minutes

4.1.3. In the third week 40 minutes

4.1.4. Don't forget to do stretching exercises after running

4.2. Do exercises

4.2.1. Every day you don't go running form your body with 20 minutes of exercises while watching TV 25 Push ups for arms 25 Sit ups for the lateral muscles of the venter 30 Leg lifts for the abdominal muscles 30 Leg lifts for the lateral muscles of the legs 30 Leg lifts for the back 30 Leg lifts for the back side

5. Drinks

5.1. If you want to loose weight it is very important to drink a lot; about 2-3 liters a day for purging

5.1.1. Water

5.1.2. Tea Herbal tea, ginger tea or green tea would be the most beneficial

5.1.3. Fruit shakes Fruit shakes serve as a replacement to cake and cookies

5.1.4. Vegetable shakes Vegetable shakes are healthy and substantial

5.1.5. Smoothies Are very creamy vegetable or fruit juices . You can add yoghurt or mik