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PS 9: Digital & Media Literacy School Map by Mind Map: PS 9: Digital & Media Literacy School Map
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PS 9: Digital & Media Literacy School Map

Digital & Media Literacy overview

Do this in PD next year. 

Definition of MLE

Relevance to CCSS


Digital Citizenship Contract Signed by Kids & Parents

Privacy Policy

Staff Communications

Google Drive/Dropbox

report cards


All Staff should use email on


staff website (TBD)

public website on Joomla managed by parent

grade level websites in Google Sites (or other)

Media Lab Bridge Websites: Connects student work from Lab to Classrooms

Digital Resources

PS 9 Google Apps for Education

Software Favorites & Suggestions

Hardware (Computers, Laptops, iPads)

Who's Doing What: Innovation Crew


CUNY Intern?



Parent Webmaster

Tech Support & Management Strategies

their has to be a discussion element to this. we need input from teachers as to what is reasonable.

Student Tech Experience

tech cluster: 2-5

Classroom Computer Use

PD needed for Classes at the end of this year.

Google Apps Accounts from Grade 2

Need to create CSV files for each grade, and create groups in "Contracts".

2012-13 5th Grade Pilot: Student Portfolios using Apps Accounts

How-to Documents Shared with all staff and students in Google Docs (to be developed)

Goals for 2012-13

Teacher use: Technology Project as one Assessment Piece

Adapt an existing rubric from a unit and work in assessment of media use within a Performance Based Task--For Example: Extending the use of language to the use of images and motion, and presentation through the use of a PowerPoint. BEST EXAMPLE: 5th grade pioneers videos were viewed by the teacher.  So it was adapted from their research paper.  3rd grade powerpoints on Chinese culture.  They did an additional piece connected to the class work, research was done in lab, powerpoint was presented in class. CHALLENGES: 3rd grade computers limited the work the teachers can do in class which limits the teacher involvement in assessment. 4th and 5th grade are set up to continue work from the cloud or the network in class, and did so this year.

Grade/Cluster WebSites

Schedule Regular Grade Levels Meetings with Mr. K

Mr. K mapping key Technology skills and software for each grade

Rhys' PD Plan


2013-2014 (TBD)

Goals for 2013-2014

Continue Curriculum Mapping Alignment with Grades 2-5

Using grade level student publishing & research sites and google drive as links between teachers and lab

Routine Student-Teacher Google Drive (Grades 2-5)

Streamline Establish Routine for student publishing & archiving

Videos: Vimeo Pro