What Is Merchandising?

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What Is Merchandising? by Mind Map: What Is Merchandising?

1. Catching Consumers' Eyes

1.1. tactic that focuses on visually appealing to the consumer.

2. Merchandising takes into account how your products come across to consumers as they interact with them in a retail setting, and applies certain techniques to make those interactions as impactful as possible. It can consist of activities carried out by both marketing.

3. Who Does Merchandising?

3.1. Almost any brand with a physical product uses that.

3.2. Retailers also engage in merchandising

4. Merchandiser Job Description

4.1. They monitor product appearance and supply in various stores throughout their designated geographic area.

4.2. They make certain that the promotion of specific products will increase sales over a period of time.

4.3. Ensuring retailer compliance with merchandising strategies

4.4. Creating and organizing promotions and advertising campaigns

4.5. Maintaining inventory of products

5. Properly Merchandising .

5.1. Merchandisers should pay special attention to the aesthetic of even their common shelf displays.

6. Staying On Top of Orders

6.1. OOS instances not only cause brands to lose sales revenue in the short term, but also future sales revenue as long term customers find new favorites.

7. Monitoring Competition

7.1. Keeping an eye on your competition is necessary to remain relevant in the market.

7.2. They also can provide you with insight and inspiration on new tactics to use with your audience.

8. Data-Driven Merchandising.

8.1. Encouraging merchandisers to log sales and marketing creates an opportunity to see trends

9. Collecting and Analyzing Merchandising Data.

9.1. Activity Data

9.2. Sales Data

9.3. Observational Data

10. Merchandising Audits

10.1. answers questions such as,

10.1.1. “what displays are most appealing to my audience?”

10.1.2. “where am I selling the most of which products?”

10.1.3. “which retailers do I need to check in with more often to ensure retailer compliance?”

11. Visual Merchandising: