IGMP env

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IGMP env by Mind Map: IGMP env

1. Study spec

1.1. Weipin's doc

1.2. Block diagram

1.3. Interface

1.3.1. info queue

1.3.2. sideband

2. Env coding

2.1. Integrate latest igmp code into database

2.1.1. integrate new register into gp_sw_reg.xls

2.1.2. integrate latest code into gp_sw/rtl/igmp

2.2. Reg gen for igmp

2.3. Dut top gen to connect igmp design and reg block

2.4. Sim Top connection

2.5. Sideband block

2.6. Info Queue model

2.7. gp_sw_ref_igmp

2.7.1. Add structure

2.7.2. Add function to access structure

2.7.3. Add function to cal hash bucket idx and digest

2.8. drv_gp_sw_igmp

2.8.1. Add function to access SRAM

2.8.2. Add function to create ipv4 igmp group ipv4 GDA SIP ipv6 GDA SIP

2.8.3. Add function to lookup igmp port map ipv4 GDA SIP ipv6 GDA SIP

2.9. Basic Test case create

2.9.1. tc-igmp-001-001 SRAM access test

2.9.2. tc-igmp-001-201 ipv4 igmp table create and lookup test

2.9.3. tc-igmp-001-202 ipv4 igmp create 10 group and lookup 1024 times

2.9.4. tc-igmp-001-203 add ipv4 igmp table with SIP and lookup

2.9.5. tc-igmp-001-204 ipv4 igmp with vlan tag

2.9.6. tc-igmp-001-301 ipv6 igmp table create and lookup test

2.9.7. tc-igmp-001-302 test ipv6 igmp GDA/SIP table create and lookup

2.9.8. tc-igmp-001-303 ipv6 igmp with vlan tag

2.10. Env transfer

3. Note

3.1. test case

3.1.1. Non-multicast cycle pass through into next block

3.2. spec