integrated quality management

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integrated quality management by Mind Map: integrated quality management

1. preventive measures

2. occupational safety and health

2.1. protection measures

2.2. risk mitigation

3. quality management system

3.1. manage and control processes

3.2. ensures compliance with customer requirements

3.3. increase the relationship and control of suppliers

3.4. improve the image of a company

4. environment

4.1. contamination prevention

4.2. compliance with environmental legislation

4.3. reduction of environmental risk

5. responsibilities

5.1. design and structure a program

5.2. develop new standards and tecniques

5.3. security audits

5.4. conduct training programs

6. skills

6.1. drafting

6.2. analytical skillsb

6.3. comunication

6.4. leadership

6.5. administration and organization

7. academic training

7.1. higher university education

7.2. professional experience in sectors of activity

7.3. high technical level tasks

7.4. knowledge in the areas of quality, environment and ocupatinal risk prevention