Strong Bridges

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Strong Bridges by Mind Map: Strong Bridges

1. are glued together to provide the structure of the bridge

1.1. Toothpicks

2. connects the toothpicks to provide

2.1. glue

2.2. strength

3. determines

3.1. Shape

3.2. Strength

4. is used for different bridges in different purposes

4.1. Type of Construction

5. is supported by

5.1. More Weight

5.2. strong bridges

6. is achieved by a strong design

6.1. strength

7. is vital to

7.1. Plan

7.2. building a strong bridge

8. show the advice of engineers and help to gain strength

8.1. Examples

9. helps me to understand how the pieces fit together best

9.1. Model

10. comes from bad construction or a bad plan

10.1. Weakness