Project: Location Management

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Project: Location Management by Mind Map: Project: Location Management

1. Team Members

1.1. Supervisor: Dan Mora

1.2. Owner: Michael Beatty

1.3. Collaborators: Jeff Pierce

1.4. Stakeholders

1.4.1. Celina Alvarado

1.4.2. Rochelle Hohn

1.4.3. Raymond Savedra

2. Problem: The turnaround time for medical offices to respond to Gemini medical record requests is often too lengthy to align with our clients’ needs and too costly for efficient management.

3. Scope & Phases

3.1. Discovery and Analysis Phase

3.1.1. Task #1 External Discovery Deliverable: Report requirements

3.1.2. Task #2 Internal Discovery

3.2. Relationship Development Phase

3.2.1. Task #1: Develop on-going relationships Deliverable: Report status and findings

3.3. Strategy Creation/Implementation Phase

3.3.1. Task #1: Team brainstorming meeting Deliverable: Document strategy and implementation process

3.3.2. Task #2: Implement Strategy

3.4. Strategy Analysis Phase

3.4.1. Task #1 Review/ analyze implemenation Deliverable: Report analysis & document Deliverable:Creat on-going reporting requirement

3.5. Support Phase

3.5.1. Task #1: Creat policy for continuing relationship Deliverable: Policy statement and proceedure

4. Objective: Implement a win-win solution to decrease the time medical offices take to respond to Gemini record requests within the next 4 months.