Thinking About Remote Work? Here are 8 Ways to Overcome Communication and Environment Issues

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Thinking About Remote Work? Here are 8 Ways to Overcome Communication and Environment Issues by Mind Map: Thinking About Remote Work? Here are 8 Ways to Overcome Communication and Environment Issues

1. Communication Issues

1.1. Have Everyone Remote

1.1.1. If some of the employees work ant the office and some remotely, the people working remotely will feel left out

1.1.2. By having everyone remote, everyone is on the same page.

1.1.3. There aren’t many different ways to communicate. Everyone uses the same tool.

1.2. Limit The Need To Communicate Verbally

1.2.1. Use the Kanban approach. When a person working on a task is done with a step, they move the card to the next step The next person in charge of the task will automatically be notified In review steps, if it passes, the card moves forward, if it fails, it goes backward And the person responsible for the work will automatically be notified.

1.3. Be Fully Transparent

1.3.1. With the Kanban approach, have different boards depending on the type of work

1.3.2. Make every board public to everyone at the company.

1.3.3. Make sure everyone can see what you're working on at any point.

1.3.4. People working with you need to know that you're not just barking orders from the beach working on your sun-tan.

1.4. Trust Your Team

1.4.1. Have everyone’s input on aspects you trust them on

1.4.2. Make sure everyone can submit their ideas and the team collaborates on it.

1.4.3. Vote on ideas

1.4.4. By trusting everyone, you know they trust and respect you more in return. They know you’re working towards the same goals.

2. Environment Issues

2.1. Removing Distractions

2.1.1. Whatever it is you find distracts you while you work, change your environment so that it’s harder to distract yourself

2.1.2. If your distraction is in your physical location, hide stuff, or better yet, make someone else hide it.

2.1.3. If your distraction is on your computer, use software that blocks access to apps and websites during certain hours.

2.1.4. Have someone you trust lock the schedule behind a password so you can’t easily disable it.

2.2. Finding Good Wifi

2.2.1. Use co-working spaces

2.2.2. Never trust your Airbnb host or hostels to tell you their wifi is fast. It rarely is.

2.3. Fighting Loneliness

2.3.1. Use co-working spaces

2.3.2. Having other hard-working people around you is extremely motivating.

2.3.3. It’s always nice to meet other people who work on their own crazy ideas.

2.3.4. Entrepreneurs care so much about what they do that it’s contagious.

2.3.5. You want to work harder and share your ideas with the others around.

2.3.6. You build great personal and professional relationships just from being there.

2.4. Keeping A Schedule

2.4.1. This is key to build momentum.

2.4.2. By working remotely, it’s hard to stick to a schedule because you don’t have office hours.

2.4.3. Stick to a schedule even if no one is monitoring you

2.4.4. You need to feel like someone could judge you for not following your schedule.