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The Sun Also Rises by Mind Map: The Sun Also Rises
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The Sun Also Rises


bullfighting- the characters fight against each other and cause destruction

bulls- the characters are like bulls, full of energy and passion but not able to go anywhere


The bulls fighting and causing destruction foreshadows the characters not getting along and making each other upset.


Paris is described with dull colors. It seems to be dreary and dark.

The country side is described with bright, vivd colors and descriptions.

The contrast between these two settings show the change that takes place in Jake when he leaves the city.


sad, detached

melancholy, somber


Jake is injured in the war and is sent to the hospital where he meets Brett and falls in love with. She will never commit to him because due to his injury he cannot have sex.

Brett cheats on her husband wit Cohn, who is traveling with Jake.

While in Spain, Brett meets Romero, a bullfighter, and begins to fall in love with him.

Brett eventually pushes Romero away and has Jake come back to pick her up because he will always care about her.



He is a huge, muscular guy,but is insecure because he was not a war veteran. He is always trying to compete with others and fight them because his strength is the only thing he has going for him.


Jake narrates the novel. He is insecure and sees the problems of his generation but has no solution, and so follows everyone else.


Independent lady, whose independence keeps her from staying in a committed relationship which is her downfall.







Ernest Hemmingway

Fought in WWI, was injured, fell in love with a nurse, and wrote many novels.

The Sun Also Rises is one of his most successful books.