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MB EBanking by Mind Map: MB EBanking

1. Account Information

1.1. Account Balance

1.1.1. Frontend get account type from js data file.

1.1.2. PaymentAccount API: /corp/balance/getBalance request.getSource_number() is null request.getSource_number() is not null

1.1.3. Deposit Account

1.1.4. Guarantee / MD API: /corp/common/getBankGuarantee DoGetBankGuarantee InsertTransactionLog API: /corp/common/getDepositAccountList DoGetDepositAccount InsertTransactionLog

1.1.5. Letter of credit API: /corp/common/getLC DoGetLC InsertTransactionLog API: /corp/common/getLD DoGetLD InsertTransactionLog

1.1.6. Loan

1.1.7. Saving account API: /corp/saving/getList DoGetSavingAccount InsertTransactionLog

1.1.8. Overdraft account API: /corp/common/getOverDraft DoGetOverDraftAccount InsertTransactionLog

1.1.9. View detais balance account.

1.1.10. Download file.

1.2. Transaction Inquiry

1.2.1. API: /corp/common/getAccountList DoGetAccountList Get account from T24 and filler

1.2.2. API: /corp/common/getTransactionHistory GetTransactionHistory CheckSourceAccountNumber DoCheckTransactionHistory DoGetTransactionHistory TransactionLog Insert log query data to Queue.

1.2.3. API: /corp/report/exportTransactionHistory ExportTransactionHistory CheckSourceAccountNumber DoCheckTransactionHistory DoExportTransactionHistory TransactionLog

2. Transfer

2.1. Transfer money in MB (Inhouse)

2.1.1. Lấy thông tin ngân hàng API: /corp/common/getBankList DoGetBankList

2.1.2. Lấy thông tin tài khoản nguồn API: /corp/common/getSourceAccountList DoGetSourceAccountByService

2.1.3. Lấy danh sách biểu mẫu. API: /corp/templateFT/getTemplateFt DoGetBeneficiary DoGetTemplateFT

2.1.4. Tìm kiếm thông tin thụ hưởng API: /corp/transfer/getBenName DoGetNAPASBenName DoGetMBSBenName DoGetMBBenName

2.1.5. Verify giao dịch API: /corp/transfer/verify Xác định loại giao dịch dựa vào client gửi lên (client gửi trans_type) Xác định loại giao dịch dựa vào benBankCd (request.getBen_bank_code())

2.1.6. API: /corp/pendingtask/saveInhouse SavePendingTaskNew DoCheckAmountBill CheckLimit GetChargeFee DoSavePendingTaskNew InsertBaseFT InsertApproverMatrix InsertNextApprover SendPendingTaskEmail DoCreateApproverMatrixEmail DoSendEmail InsertLogActivity DoCreateLogActivity DoInsertLogActivity

3. LC

4. Login

5. menu.parent.statebudgetcollection

6. Mass payment

7. Invoice & Deposit

8. Term deposits management

9. Information management

10. Utilities