Introduce Turkey from educational, cultural, geographical, demographical and economical perspectives

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1. Geographic Features

1.1. Climate

1.2. Geographic Regions

1.3. Plant and Animal Diversity

2. Economic Activities

2.1. Tourism

2.1.1. Touristic Places and the seasons

2.2. Trade

2.2.1. National and International Trade Activities

2.3. Industry

2.3.1. Machine Industry

3. Education

3.1. Compulsary Education

3.2. The literacy level

3.3. State or private schools?

4. Demographic Features

4.1. Generation gap

4.2. Dynamic population

5. Culture

5.1. Music

5.2. Traditional Clothes

5.3. Important Days and Festivals

5.3.1. Religious Days Ramadan Eid El Mubarek

5.3.2. National Days the Independence Day (October the 29th) National Sovereignty and Children's Day (April the 23rd) Youth and Sports Day (May the 19th)

5.4. Architecture

5.4.1. Modern or Traditional?