The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

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The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Mind Map: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

1. Character Development

1.1. Lisbeth Salander

1.1.1. "Her attitude encouraged neither trust nor friendship, and she quickly became an outsider wandering the corridors of Milton like a stray cat. She was generally considered a hopeless case." pg 34

1.1.2. "On the other hand,there was no question of Advokat Bjurman going unpunished. Salander never forgot an injustice, and by nature she was anything but forgiving." pg 182

1.1.3. Salander refuses to take any crap from her new appointed guardian. She clearly retaliates and hopefully he will never bother her again. pg 203

1.1.4. "It did no good to cry, she had learned that early on. She had also learned that every time she tried to make someone aware of something in her life, the situation just got worse. Consequently it was up to her to solve her problems by herself, using whatever methods she deemed necessary." pg 312 This reminds me of what Kit was like after Nan died, and she was responsible for Josie. "You know Kittens, there's more to growing up than crossing off years. Have you ever had fun, Kit? A best friend?" Doctor Hodgins pg 165

1.1.5. Salander is attempting to open herself up to Mikael, but she is afraid of judgement. what happened to her to make her feel this way I wonder.. pg 335

1.1.6. Salander's mother dies, she feels remorseful but stays expressionless. As if she is always in control of herself. pg 393

1.1.7. "He seemed happy, and she too felt strangely content with life." pg 425 Due to Mikael's kindness and unique honest personality, Salander is able to enjoy his company and not dwell on anything for the first time in her life. It is like peace of mind. This is like how Kit felt when she was with Sid.

1.1.8. "Her problem was that she could not interpret her own feelings for him. Not since before reaching puberty had she lowered her guard to let another person get so close as she had with him. To be quite honest, he had a trying ability to penetrate her defenses and to get her to talk about personal matters and private feelings. Even though she had enough sense to ignore most of his questions, she talked about herself in a way that she would never, even under the threat of death, have imagined doing with any other person. It frightened her and made her feel naked and vulnerable to his will." pg 461 I found this a very important development for Lisbeth. She has never felt this way before, and she is for once, unsure of what to do.

1.1.9. "What she had realized was that love was that moment when your heart was about to burst." pg 461

1.1.10. "The pain was so immediate and so fierce that Lisbeth stopped in mid stride, incapable of movement. part of her wanted to rush after them. She wanted to take the metal sign and use the sharp edge to cleave Berger's head in two. She did nothing as thoughts swirled through her mind. Analysis of consequences. Finally she calmed down." pg 465 Lisbeth refuses to let her unbearable feelings to get in the way of Mikael's life, so she sits in her sorrow trying to build herself back to normal. How sad for her to watch.

1.2. Mikael Blomkvist

1.2.1. This is the first criminal charge against Blomkvist so he is taking it rather hard. Especially since it involves his magazine company, and his reputation of a successful journalist. pg 16

1.2.2. "No, I don't believe in God, but I respect the fact that you do. Everyone has something to believe in" pg 251

1.2.3. Blomkvist was burnt out and ran away from his work after he got in legal trouble with Wennerstrom. But he is getting on his feet now and making a huge comeback. pg 268

1.2.4. Mikael is compassionate with Cecilia, and cares for her, but he has his priorities straight when it comes to his work. pg 278

1.2.5. Even after he has been tortured to an inch of his life he still is able to keep his cool and make jokes about the whole thing. pg 348

1.2.6. "I was helpless. For several hours I was convinced that I was going to die. i felt the fear of death and there wasn't a thing I could do" pg 371

1.3. Erika Berger

1.3.1. Even though Berger is independent, confident, and can be rather aggressive, she still silently thank Salander for saving Mikael. There is no longer harsh judgement towards Salander. pg 437

1.4. Martin Vanger

1.4.1. "You are an ordinary little person Mikael. You would not be able to understand the godlike feeling of having absolute control over someone's life and death." Martin pg 354

1.4.2. After learning from his father, Martin becomes a secret serial killer who thrills the hunt and power more than the death of the women. pg 367

1.5. Harriet Vanger

1.5.1. "No more lies. I accept that it's all over. in some sense, I've been waiting for this day since 1966. For years I was terrified that someone might come up to me and say my name. But you know what? All of a sudden I don't care anymore. My crime falls outside the statute of limitations. And I don't give a shit what people think about me." - Harriet pg 389

1.6. Henrik Vanger

1.6.1. Henrik Vanger may be passionate about his business and be cold toward his famil,but this mystery of Harriet has really hit a soft spot due to his guilt, and he has since devoted his life to finding her. pg 90

1.7. Cecilia Vanger

1.7.1. "The day you left for prison I was absolutely miserable. You were gone, as though you had never existed. It was dark here int he guest house. it was cold and empty in my bed. And there I was, an old maid of fifty six again." pg 225

1.8. Dragan Armansky

1.8.1. "Her absence had felt like torture-almost a form of punishment. he had nobody to discuss his feelings with, and for the first time he realized with appalling clarity what a destructive hold she had over him." pg 37 Armansky feels a deep connection with Lisbeth, but she does not reciprocate the feelings.

1.8.2. Armansky is jealous of Blomkvist as he so easily gains Lisbeth's trust, as he has been trying to get close to her ever since they met. pg 267

1.9. Isabella Vanger

1.9.1. "Isabella, would you believe, came rushing into Henrik's room. She'd obviously seen that you'd come back and was completely beside herself. She screamed at him there had to be an end to this outrageous fuss about her Harriet, adding that you were the one who drove her son to death with your snooping," Frode pg 397 Isabella changes almost entirely when she finds out that her son is dead and her daughter that she thought was dead is alive.

2. Reminder

2.1. My first career choice was a journalist. It was because of my talent in writing and the suggestions from my teachers. However, when I looked more into it, I found that it was very challenging to get it, and didn't receive as much money as it should. pg 12

2.2. The sailing and the mention of the word " wharf" reminds me of the book Kit's Law which I had just read because they lived near the gully and had to sail to Godfather's Cove after Sid's escape. pg 18

2.3. The term "friendly banter" reminds me of the time I went to the Scotland. They had different words with similar meanings to ours, and one that I remember clearly was "banter", which means talk. pg 19

2.4. Immediately makes me think of Scarface and Al Picino!

2.4.1. "He looked a little like the stereotypical local boss in an American gangster movie," pg 28

2.5. "the Arab" makes me think of the antagonist in the movie Unthinkable with Samuel L Jackson. In the movie he is a full blown American citizen that converts into a Muslim and terrorizes America.

2.5.1. "he was often referred to as the 'Arab', although he did not have a drop of Arab blood." pg 28

2.6. Kit named her cat Pirate int he book, which automatically made me think of Johnny Depp's character in Pirates of the Caribbean.

2.6.1. Mikael made friends with a cat mysteriously, just Like Kit did.

2.7. I have a close friend that looks sickly thin like that. She also doesn't have an eating disorder, it's just how she's built.

2.7.1. "Her extreme slenderness would have made a career in modelling impossible, but with the right make up her face could have put her on any billboard in the world." pg 33

2.8. This passage reminds me of one of the Harry Potter books because of one of the characters, Professor Snape. I remember Harry talking about his nose always being red and turning to purple from his rage.

2.8.1. "..and that red bulb of his nose had changed into a livid purple," pg 32

2.9. I hated Pipi Longstocking as a child. Her show was very annoying along with her voice. Her stockings were mismatched and that always bothered me. pg 42

2.9.1. Somebody'd get a fat lip if they called me Pipi Longstocking oin a newspaper placard." - Lisbeth pg 42

2.10. Lisbeth's mother is very much like Kit's mother, but in a different way. They both have mental disorders that cause them to act very differently than most normal characters, and it is interesting to see them communicate. pg 60

2.11. My favourite artist in music right now is from Stockholm. He goes by the stage name Avicii and Tim Berg.

2.11.1. "High banks of snow presented a picturesque contrast to Stockholm," pg 63

2.12. This reminded me of the second season finale of my other favourite show Supernatural, because it was titled All Hell Breaks Loose.

2.12.1. "Then all hell broke loose," pg 65

2.13. This reminds me of the Matrix because of the advanced level of computer technology and the security checks they always run.

2.13.1. "To be on the safe side, she ran the message through her PCP encryption programme," pg 84

2.14. The sick obsession that Henrik has with finding Harriet reminds me of a similar situation in Supernatural. The mother mysteriously dies leaving the 2 boys and the father to find the killer and get revenge.

2.14.1. "Mikael, for thirty-six years I've driven myself crazy wondering what happened to Harriet. I've devoted more and more of my time to it" - Henrik pg 90

2.15. When Blomkvist mentions how eerily quiet it is on a Friday night in Hedeby, it reminds me of how similar Otterville is, it is like a ghost town every night of the week. pg 114

2.16. This situation reminds me of a similar one in the movie Inception. The son of a famous business man feels bad for himself as he doesn't think his father cares for him. He tries to make the business flourish to win his love, but it turns out that the father didn't want that.

2.16.1. "The image that was emerging revealed a family that was socially and financially successful, but in all the more ordinary aspects was quite clearly dysfunctional" pg 141

2.17. Isabella Vanger's description reminds me of Morticia Adams from the famous Adam's family. She seems dark, disturbed, and a person of interest.

2.17.1. "She was thin, dressed in black Persian lamb coat with matching cap, and she was leaning on a black cane...She looked like an aging vampire-still strikingly beautiful but as venomous as a snake" pg 153

2.18. I've totally felt like this before on many occasions.If I could, I would have racked up a major body count by now, I hate being that angry and upset over something.

2.18.1. "Salander's laptop fell victim to an accident that was so uncalled for that she felt an urgent desire to kill someone." pg 172

2.19. I remember when I beat up a kid in grade six for bullying me. After the fact he never bothered me again. It was rather successful I think.

2.19.1. "In those days she did not know what 'harassment' meant, but when she came to school the next day, the boy had threatened revenge. So she had decked him with a right jab forfeited with a golf ball-which led to bloodshed and a new entry in her casebook." pg 182

2.20. In Tekken 6, Emilie my favourite character, uses a powerful fight move called femme fatale. It takes a lot of damage out of the other player so I tend to use it often.

2.20.1. "I drive all the way up here to welcome you back to freedom and find you in bed with the town femme fatale." Berger pg 227

2.21. There are many people that use cheap cameras to capture important memories, I just don't understand why they don;t purchase a decent camera. It reminds me of all the tourists when I went to Florida. pg 245

2.22. Her principles remind me of Kit's laws, and all of the things that Sid said to Kit's mom to make her feel better about killing Shine.

2.22.1. "In that case, it might amuse you to know that I also have principles comparable to your ethics committee's. I call them Salander's Principle's. One of them is that a bastard is always a bastard, and if I can hurt a bastard by digging up shit about him, then he deserves it." - Lisbeth pg 273

2.23. I constantly feel like this. It was like reading my own thoughts that apply to someone else. A strange experience.

2.23.1. "She was convinced that her skinny body was repulsive. Her breasts were pathetic. She had no hips to speak of. She did not have much to offer." pg 314

2.24. My dad always says things like "stay cool" or "be cool". It sounds funny hearing that from an older man I think.

2.24.1. "Stay cool, Christer."- Mikael pg 421

3. Puzzle Piece

3.1. Blomkvist is going to jail because of "aggravated libel of industrialist Hans-Erik Wennerstrom." pg 15

3.2. "The Agency for Industrial Assistance was a project that was backed up by the state and administered by representatives of about a dozen big Swedish firms. In theory, it was an assistance project that built on the principle of offering help for self help."- Lindberg pg 19

3.3. "There were too many huge administrative problems in what was left of Poland for a modern packaging industry to function. In practice their factory was shut out by the competition from a similar German Project."- Lindberg pg 22

3.4. "The money served as an interest-free loan."- Lindberg pg 23

3.4.1. Companies would pay back over time then Minos went under but Wennerstrom could not be blamed. They needed to pay back money lost so that he could then show he lost personal money.

3.5. "Your father is dead I know. Is your mother still alive?"- Henrik pg 67

3.5.1. "She died three years ago,"- Blomkvist pg 67 Mikael's parents are both dead. Perhaps that is why he has trouble in relationships. Without some direction and example some people get a little lost in life.

3.6. "Now we come to the real reason I want to hire you. I want you to find out who in the family murdered Harriet, and who has spent almost forty years trying to drive me insane."- Henrik pg 75

3.7. Since the oil truck accident happened there was no way that Harriet could escape the island without anybody noticing. So then where did she go? pg 78

3.8. "It was no secret that she and I had a special relationship and that I thought of her as my own daughter." -Henrik pg 93

3.8.1. That's why he feels so tortured by Harriet's disappearance. Somebody keeps sending him flowers that she would have.

3.9. "...she was deemed to be emotionally disturbed and dangerously violent towards her classmates and possibly towards herself." "In short, Lisbeth Salander was anything but easy to handle." pg 127

3.10. Henrik's brother Harald hates him because he "married a filthy Jewish whore." He is also is noted as "insane". pg 147

3.11. Mikael notices that Harriet is looking at somebody and she is frightened. This might be the person that took her and killed her. pg 236

3.12. "Blomkvist supposed that the reason she had dared to start an affair with him was precisely that he was only there for a while. She did not have to be afraid he would change her life in any long term way"- about Cecilia Vanger" pg 245

3.13. "You've been in my computer, Froken Salander. You're a fucking hacker." -Mikael pg 259

3.13.1. That is how Lisbeth gets all of her information, she is a professional hacker.

3.14. The numbers that he had mistaken for belonging to a telephone turned out to actually be numbers to verses from the bible. pg 254

3.15. Apparently it means "Read the bible-it will provide sufficient knowledge and vouches for the true faith"pg 321

3.16. Lisbeth has a photographic memory, allowing her to read things very quickly and remember them pg 334

3.17. It was not Cecilia in the window, it was Anita. Martin was the man in the picture that Harriet was looking at. pg 341

3.18. This is no historical mystery, Martin is still killing people today. pg 353

3.19. Gottfried Vanger was the first murderer,and now Martin is taking his place. pg 354

3.20. Harriet is still alive, that is where the flowers came from. pg 385

3.21. Harriet killed Gottfried after he continually raped and abused her. She kept him under and waited til he drowned. pg 391

3.22. Salander uses special technology to tap into Wennerstroms hard drive, allowing her to see everything he does. pg 414

4. Camera

4.1. "Armansky's star researcher was a pale, anorexic young woman who had hair as short as a fuse, a pierced nose and eyebrows. She had a wasp tattoo about an inch long on her neck, a tattooed loop around the biceps of her left arm and another around her left ankle. " pg 33

4.1.1. I love how she is so different from society's norm, yet possesses such an amazing gift. Rooney Mara is my vision of Lisbeth Salander.

4.2. "Salander was dressed for the day in a black T-shirt with a picture on it of E.T. with fangs, and the words, I am also an alien.She had put on makeup in a colour scheme that indicated she might be colourblind. In other words, she was exceptionally decked out," pg 40

4.2.1. I love how strange and unique her outfits are. Self expression is beautiful to me.

4.3. "The she put on black jeans, heavy winter boots, a warm polo shirt, a dark pea jacket and matching knitted gloves, cap and scarf. She took the rings out of her eyebrows and nostril, put on pale pink lipstick, and examined herself in the bathroom mirror." pg 85

4.3.1. I love everything that Lisbeth wears. I find her so cool and interesting, I wish she was real.

4.4. "The inside was furnished with planks and consisted of one room with big windows facing the water on either side of the front door. A staircase led to an open sleeping loft at the rear of the cabin that covered half the space," pg 231

4.4.1. The writing in this novel makes the scenes so vivid, I can imagine them perfectly. the cabin sounds beautiful.

4.5. "Millennium's offices were arranged in an L shape. the entry was a hall that took up a lot of space without being able to put much use. There were two sofas there, so it was a way of being a reception area. " pg 267

4.5.1. Great description, sounds a little cramped though.

4.6. "On the porch lay the half-charred corpse of a cat. the cat's legs and head had been cut off, then the body had been flayed and the guts and stomach removed, flung next to the corpse, which seemed to have been roasted over a fire," pg 315

4.6.1. I wish I couldn't picture that. Reminds me of a section of Kit's Law. "Pirate was skivvered to the floor with a pig knife, his blood in a thick pool around him and his eyes and mouth shocked open," pg 184

4.7. "Almost three feet of the very bottom shelf was taken up with photography albums," pg 340

4.7.1. Those pictures would be so cool to think about and to look at. So many memories held onto every single one.

4.8. "On the left were chains, metal eyelets in the ceiling and floor, a table with leather straps where he could restrain his victims." pg 347

4.8.1. Probably one of the scariest things to ever see in your life, if you made it out alive.

4.9. "Salander took three swift strides forward and swung a golf club she had hidden at her side. The iron flew in a wise arc and hit Martin on the collarbone near his shoulder," pg 360

4.9.1. Lisbeth is my hero, even when she is a psycho fighter.

4.10. "he was always...rough and violent towards me when we were alone, but this time he crossed the line. He urinated on me. Then he started telling me what he was going to do to me" pg 391

4.10.1. I really wish I didn't read that. Sounds like what Shine did to Kit and Sid "..he reached inside his pants, and pulled out his dick, as big and ugly a thing as ever I'd seen, with purple veins snaking aorund its sides, and the smell of rotting dogberries dripping from it's head." pg 186

4.11. "After an hour she came out wearing black boots, a sand colored shirt and matching blouse, black tights, a waist length jacket and a beret," pg 442

4.11.1. I bet she looks absolutely breathtaking.

5. New node

6. I Wonder..

6.1. What does 50,000 kronor convert into? (pg 13)

6.1.1. 50,000.00 SEK = 7,300.41 CAD Swedish Krona Canadian Dollar 1 SEK = 0.146008 CAD 1 CAD = 6.84893 SEK

6.2. Why is Blomkvist going to jail? (pg 13)

6.2.1. He is being charged with libel after his story about Hans Erik Wennerstrom.

6.3. "He had rashly hired a Scampi for a few days of romantic sailing in the Stockholm archipelago." (pg 17)

6.3.1. What is a Scampi? Scampi, a culinary name for the Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus) and similar species, as well as for some dishes made using it or various kinds of prawn or shrimp

6.4. What is the AIA programme? (pg 19)

6.4.1. It is called the Agency for Industrial Asistance.

6.5. "I have no idea who he knew at the AIA,but he walked out with sixty million kronor" Lindberg pg 21

6.5.1. What did Wennerstrom do with that money? He put it in an overseas bank account to start his own business.

6.6. "He might just as well fallen in love with a painting of a nymph or Greek amphora." pg 36

6.6.1. What is a Greek amphora? Examples? Besides coarse amphora used for storage and transport, high-quality painted amphorae were produced in Ancient Greece in significant numbers for a variety of social and ceremonial purposes. Their design differs significantly from the more functional versions; they are typified by wide mouth and a ring base, with a glazed surface and decorated with figures or geometric shapes.

6.7. "Everyone has secrets, its just a matter of finding out what they are." -Lisbeth pg 41

6.7.1. I wonder what your secrets are Lisbeth...What are you hiding from the world?

6.8. How does Lisbeth gather of all this personal information on people? pg 44

6.8.1. Lisbeth is a highly skilled computer hacker. She can access anything that is on anyone's computer with a click of a mouse.

6.9. What does Henrik Vanger want Mikael for? pg 62

6.9.1. Henirk wants Mikael to figure out an unsolved mystery of his granddaughter over a number of years, he also wants him to write a biography of the Vanger family for an alibi.

6.10. Why is Kit protecting Margaret by lying to Nan? (pg 35)

6.10.1. She thinks that her Nan will cause a big fuss over it and therefore lies to keep the peace.

6.11. Is Henirk telling the truth about babysitting Mikael? his story seems strange. pg 66

6.11.1. Yes, it was Harriet that looked over Mikael when he was a very young boy, Henrik has photographic evidence.

6.12. What mystery does Henrik want Mikael to solve? Does it involve the Vanger family? pg 71

6.12.1. He wants Mikael to find out what ever happened to Harriet Vanger, because nobody on the island knows.

6.13. I wonder who killed Harriet Vanger? Was it a family member? pg 76

6.13.1. Harriet turns out to be alive at the end, Henrik is reunited with her,but she holds dark secrets about members of the family.

6.14. Who is on the other side of the email address? Is he a friend or foe? pg 86

6.14.1. It is a man nicknamed Plague, he is also a hacker and often teams up with Lisbeth to test out his inventions.

6.15. What does the electric cuff do? How does it work? What will they use it for? pg 92

6.15.1. The electric cuff allows simple access to a computer using another server. It copies all of the information and makes it look like the computer is acting slower than usual.

6.16. I wonder what the effects of rheumatism are and how you get it? pg 110

6.16.1. Rheumatism is a medical term once frequently used to describe disorders associated with many different parts of the body. Most often, people associate rheumatism with arthritis, or with rheumatic fever, a complication of strep throat that can result in damage to the heart. However, the term rheumatism might apply to the symptoms of numerous conditions that can cause pain and/or weakness.

6.17. Who is Advokat Bjurman? What it is about him that makes Salander feel threatened? pg 126

6.17.1. He is Salander's new official guardian, but he turns out to be a sadist rapist that seriously injures Lisbeth sexually.

6.18. I wonder if Mikael and Lisbeth will ever meet up? pg 139

6.18.1. Eventually they do, and the become excellent research partners and lovers.

6.19. I wonder what it would be like to live when Hitler reigned,knowing everything about him that you do now.What could you do? What could you say? pg 143

6.20. "But Martin showed no sign of wanting to discuss the subject." pg 150

6.20.1. I think that Martin has something to do with this situation, I wonder if I am right? I was right all along! I could be a detective!

6.21. Maybe those numbers aren't telephone numbers? pg 171

6.21.1. They aren't, they turn out to be passages from the Bible.

6.22. Who do those names belong to? pg 172

6.22.1. The names are those of Martin and Gottfried Vanger's first victims.

6.23. Why would Lisbeth let him do that to her? Why didn't she fight back? pg 178

6.23.1. She knows that her word does not have the same weight as Bjurman's, and she always analyzes the consequences of a situation before she acts.

6.24. What does she mean by All the Evil? pg 183

6.24.1. It is the name of a group of friends that Lisbeth used to hang with. They all had the same morals and values, and dressed against the norm of society.

6.25. "Her only chance of fighting back was if she could hurt him by scratching his eyes or using some sort of weapon. But her planned scenario had already gone to hell." pg 199

6.25.1. Will Lisbeth escape? Why is he doing this to her? Bjurman is a sadist pig that seeks to gain every sort of control over Lisbeth. He enjoys seeing a woman in pain and does not intend to stop until he gets his way. Unfortunately, Lisbeth gets severely raped, and is unable to escape.

6.26. I wonder what her new tattoo mean, and how many she has in total? pg 202

6.26.1. Lisbeth has a dragon on her back, a wasp on her neck, a Chinese symbol on her hip and many bands around her ankle. Not all of the meanings were discussed.

6.27. I wonder what Salander is going to do to get revenge e on Bjurman? pg 205

6.27.1. She buys tattooing equipment, and tattoos "I am a sadist, rapist pig," on his chest. How brilliant.

6.28. Why is Cecila acting strangely towards Mikael? I thought they were becoming very close. pg 222

6.28.1. Cecilia is afraid of falling in love with Mikael,and doesn't enjoy their sexual encounters anymore. She refuses to talk with him until later on.

6.29. Was Cecilia the woman in Harriet's window? pg 243

6.29.1. No,it was her twin sister, Anita.

6.30. How will Mikael find the woman with the pictures? Will she still have them? pg 245

6.30.1. Mikael tracks down the bumper plate and finds the woman living with her new husband. Luckily she does still have the pictures, and the negatives for them.

6.31. Who broke into Mikael's cabin? How much did they find out? pg 270

6.31.1. It was Martin, he wanted to know how close they were in discovering his dark secret.

6.32. "She has to read sola scriptura and understand suffcientia scripturae. That's the only way that she can maintain sola fide. Josef will certainly exclude them. They were never accepted into the canon." Pastor Falk pg 320

6.32.1. What does this mean? Can Mikael connect this to the murder?

6.33. Who is shooting at Mikael? Is it Harriet's killer? pg 326

6.33.1. It turns out to be Martin shooting at him, trying to shut him up and keep him away from his hideout.

6.34. What secrets is Martin hiding? pg 346

6.34.1. He learned from his father the acts of murdering young "useless" women in society. He built a secret chamber in the basement of his house to torture and rape them in, keeping souvenirs and mementos of his crimes.

6.35. If Martin didn't kill Harriet, then who did? pg 359

6.35.1. It turns out that Harriet is not dead after all, just in hiding all these years.

6.36. If Salander kills Martin, where will she hide the body? pg 362

6.36.1. She doesn't kill him, he escapes and puts himself in front of a freight truck so him and all of his crimes die.

6.37. What is going to happen to the Vanger Corporation now that Martin, the CEO, is dead? pg 370

6.37.1. The Vanger Corporation slowly dwindles, but Henrik puts all of his energy into stabilizing Millennium.

6.38. What is Asperger's syndrome? pg 399

6.38.1. Asperger syndrome (AS), also known as Asperger's syndrome or Asperger disorder, is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction, alongside restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests. It differs from other autism spectrum disorders by its relative preservation of linguistic and cognitive development. Although not required for diagnosis, physical clumsiness and atypical use of language are frequently reported I wonder if this is what Josie has as well, the symptoms match.

6.39. How are they going to take Wennerstrom down? pg 419

6.39.1. Lisbeth hacks and discovers all of his accounts codes and secretly disposes all of them, making him look like a fraud and seizing his escape money. She then gives Mikael all the information about Wennerstrom's past for him to write a giant story explaining his secret crimes.

6.40. What significance does Walpurgis Night have?

6.40.1. April 30 is Salander's birthday. Like Halloween, Walpurgis has its roots in ancient pagan customs, superstitions and festivals. At this time of year, the Vikings participated in a ritual that they hoped would hasten the arrival of Spring weather and ensure fertility for their crops and livestock. They would light huge bonfires in hopes of scaring away evil spirits.

6.41. Why doesn't Lisbeth want her share of the money that they earned form Henrik? It is not like she doesn't need and, and she worked very hard for it. pg 441

6.42. I wonder how these biblical verses connect to Harriet's disappearance? Why did she record them? What is Leviticus? pg 252

7. Voice

7.1. "The AIA and Skanska Construction and the like. Not speculation firms, in other words." Lindberg pg 20

7.1.1. I know an electronica song called Skanska. I always thought it was the compound word of "skank" and "gangster".

7.2. I feel almost swamped with all of the business and finance discussion. trying to absorb and comprehend all that is thrown at me so fast is becoming a challenge! But I'll do my best to keep up! (pg 22)

7.3. So, if I am getting all of this straight, Wennerstrom pulled out a loan so he could start and eventually shut down a small company to earn him more profit and justify his financial state. Sounds like a snake in the grass to me!

7.4. "Don't say business man. Call them what you like but calling them businessmen is an insult to a serious profession." -Mikael pg 27

7.4.1. I like this quote, I agree with what he is saying exactly.

7.5. Providing security was a lucrative business." pg 29

7.5.1. Isn't that ironic considering the situation at hand?

7.6. "Sometimes she wore black lipstick, and in spite of the tattoos and the pierced nose and eyebrows she was...well...attractive. It was inexplicable." pg 33

7.6.1. Lisbeth Salander is a badass and one of my idols. She is strong and doesn't care about her appearance as much as everyone else does. A great message.

7.7. "He had never lied about his feelings for her to his wife, Monica, but she had thought it would end when they married and their daughter was born." pg 52

7.7.1. I never understood how people could have affairs. Marriage is basically game over, you're stuck with your spouse forever now, you made that choice by marrying them.

7.8. "They are for the most part thieves, misers, bullies, and incompetents. I ran the company for thirty-five years-almost all the time in the midst of relentless bickering. they were my worst enemies, far worse than competing companies or the government."- Henrik pg 70

7.8.1. I think that is very interesting. Not many people would admit their hate towards their family like Henrik did, I think this will make more sense further in the story.

7.9. "I can give you Hans-Erik Wennerstrom. I can prove that he's a swindler." -Henrik pg 97

7.9.1. It will be interesting to see Blomkvist's response now that Henrik has offered to share the secrets that he has against his worst enemy.

7.10. "The cat sniffed around the guest house for a while. Mikael poured some milk into a dish, and his guest lapped it up. Then the cat hopped on to the kitchen bench and curled up, and there she stayed." pg 117

7.10.1. It is nice to see that Blomkvist is making friends with the local wildlife. Now he has somebody to take care of and look forward to coming home to. i hope nothing happens to him.

7.11. "That had not been an easy journey. She ran away from the first foster family after only two weeks. the second and third foster families fell by the wayside in quick succession." pg 128

7.11.1. It is hard to care to help yourself when the people around you don't. They only see it as a job, not a passion.

7.12. I can't believe how big the Vanger family is. There are so many intricate relationships and distant relatives. It is amazing how much they hate each other, yet they are all in the business together. Perhaps that is the reason why they hate eachother?

7.13. Lisbeth Salander is a brilliant character in my opinion. I love her isolated attitude towards people, and how she filters the glances that she gets because of her appearance. Her way of dealing with people is such an enjoyment to read, because she is such a smart woman. pg 173

7.14. "Salander spent several days combing the internet. There were plenty to choose from." pg 194

7.14.1. I find it amazing to know that the simplest plant can be transformed into the deadliest poison. Also, how you can find so many detailed tutorials to do just about anything on the internet. Crazy world we live in.

7.15. I'm quite glad that Salander found out what Bjurman is. Most people never understand how another person works. pg 202

7.15.1. Sadistic rapists tend to be sexually aroused by fantasies and urges of forcing themselves sexually on their victims. The sexual sadist is aroused by the use of gratuitous violence whereas the preferential rapist is thought not to use greater force than is necessary for victim compliance (Abel, 1989), though the offender's estimate may be highly inaccurate. Preferential rape-proneness may involve coercing the victim into fellating the perpetrator or to submit to anal intercourse, behaviours that are typical of sexual sadism (Dietz et al., 1990). Preferential rapists and sexual sadists often target strangers (Dietz et al., 1990).

7.16. "The message was written in caps over five lines that covered his belly, from his nipples to just above his genitals: I AM A SADISTIC PIG, A PERVERT, AND A RAPIST." pg 209

7.16.1. I'm so happy that she put him in some sort of place to show him that she doesn't take his shit. Justice has been rightfully served in mu opinion, though she should have just cut his dick off. Go Lisbeth!

7.17. "I would like for us to remain friends. but I can't deal with a relationship with you. I haven't ever been good at relationships. I'd like it if you would leave me in peace for a while." - Cecilia pg 234

7.17.1. I can't believe Cecilia is acting like this, at this point in time! She had ample amount to realize that she wasn't fit for it, yet she never refused to have sex with Mikael. Women are crazy.

7.18. "The man she fell in love with was called Peter Samuelsson. A bright boy. Today he works for ABB. the kind of man I would have been proud to have as my son-in-law if she were my daughter. Harald measured his skull or checked his family tree or something and discovered that he was on quarter Jewish." -Henrik pg 248

7.18.1. That is absolutely ridiculous! How dare he accuse Cecilia of being a whore just because of that! The man was only a quarter Jewish for God's sake....people are insane.

7.19. "She had never brooded over whether she was straight, gay, or bisexual. She did not give a damn about labels, did not see that it was anyone else's business whom she spent her nights with." pg 260

7.19.1. Love this quote! It is so true. Why does everybody need to be labelled? Is it a pre-emptive thing to filter out people you don't want to be associated with? We aren't soup cans.

7.20. "Nothing of importance was happening in the world." pg 278

7.20.1. There seems to always be some sort of disaster happening in the world. Its the government and media that hide it from the general public.

7.21. "I've found three other women who were murdered under such similarly strange circumstances and they could have been on Harriet's list."- Mikael pg 299

7.21.1. People are f****** sick. I don't understand (nor do I want to), what can go wrong in the mind to make you do such insane things to other people.

7.22. "Salander was an information junkie with a delinquent child's take on morals and ethics." pg 304

7.22.1. But that is what makes her so cool and crazy.

7.23. Run Mikael! Don't go into his house, that's his territory you'll be trapped! Lisbeth save him! pg 346

7.24. "I've never had a boy in here. I've never touched another man, as a matter of fact...except for my father. That was my duty."- Martin pg 360

7.24.1. Going by this I'm guessing that Gottfried molested Martin and made to think that it was normal, his duty. Gosh I hate people in this world.

7.25. I wish I could be as cool and collected as Lisbeth is in such intense situations. It is like she has no emotions but she knows the truth about it all. pg 370

7.26. "So you're assuming that Martin had no will of his own and that people become whatever they've been brought up to be." -Salander pg 373

7.26.1. Salander is unintentionally revealing hidden secrets about herself. I'm starting to feel very bad for what might have happened,but I'm still very curious.

7.27. "No you can't ignore our age difference, It's no sort of basis for a lasting relationship." -Mikael pg 401

7.27.1. I hate it when people say things like "age is just a number" and that it has no impact on a relationship. It totally does, and that's why people get weirded out about it. There is a fine line between an older man and an old man.

7.28. "Henrik is an old shark. He was selling product and told me what I wanted to hear." -Mikael pg 408

7.28.1. How could Henrik do that to Mikael after all the SHIT he put him through? His life was in danger! This is appalling.

7.29. Though we all know it is a wrong thing to do, i feel everybody goes on their first impression of a person, rather than taking the time to get to know them. Poor Lisbeth. pg 435

7.30. "She wanted to hear him say that he liked her for who she was. that she was someone special in his world and in his life. She wanted him to give her some gesture of love, not just friendship and companionship. I'm flipping out she thought." pg 464

7.30.1. I can relate to this almost exactly. it is both blissful and terrifying. Love is a mess.

7.31. "The pain was so immediate and so fierce that Lisbeth stopped in mid stride, incapable of movement. Part of her wanted to run after them. She wanted to take the metal sign and use the sharp edge to cleave Berger's head in two. She did nothing as thoughts swirled through her mind. Analyze the consequences." pg 465

7.31.1. No words can explain how sad I am right now. Oh Lisbeth, you poor woman.

7.32. "He joined the Swedish National Socialist Freedom League, one of the first Nazi groups in Sweden"- Henrik pg 72

7.32.1. I want to know more about the Swedish National Socialist Freedom League and Swedish Nazism. A Berlin newspaper reported in the autumn that German Nazis look to Sweden for guidance. Swedish Nazis have established a leading role in White Power music, releasing 342 CDs last year. They also have a computerised intelligence network covering all their 'enemies', including address lists, details of relatives, car registration numbers, etc. In June, journalist Peter Karlsson and his eleven-year-old son escaped near death from a car bomb. They were saved by the fact that they had not closed the car doors. The journalist was living undercover with a new identity after exposing Nazis in the army. He had also written articles on the White Power music industry which resulted in CD producers in Italy, Taiwan and the US ending their contracts with the Swedish Nazis. The Nazi parties and networks are dangerous but relatively small - at most a couple of hundred organised members. They have attracted a couple of thousand people around them, consisting mainly of young White Power music followers. The fascist groups are constantly experiencing splits and crises. They are unable to establish a firm base because of the lack of support for their ideas and, just as importantly, the active resistance of anti-fascists, in which Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna (RS - Socialist Justice Party, the Swedish section of the Committee for a Workers' International) has played a key role.

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