"Marriage has to be redefined in modern society." Do you agree?

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"Marriage has to be redefined in modern society." Do you agree? by Mind Map: "Marriage has to be redefined in modern society." Do you agree?

1. Agree

1.1. our stand

2. Presence of homosexual marriages in the society

2.1. Eg. Ellen Degeneres

2.2. why are homosexual marriages not part of the definition of 'marriage' in the first place? should society redefine marriage to accommodate homosexual marriages? what social implications will redefining marriages for this purpose lead to?

3. A less serious light has been placed on the term 'marriage'

3.1. Rising divorce rates

3.2. More and more teenagers commiting premarital sex. Eg. 16 and pregnant, Teen Mom (MTV)

3.3. Remarriage

3.4. so how will redefining marriage address these issues?

4. Co-habitation without official wedding ceremony

4.1. E.g Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

4.1.1. what about them? why did they choose to co-habitate and have biological children without being officially marriage? how is this example going to support your supporting view that marriage has to be redefined?

4.2. so are you suggesting that marriage should be redefined to include co-habitation between couples? justify your point. you may also want to consider what differentiates co-habitation and marriage in the first place.

5. Disagree

6. Function of marriage remain constant

6.1. Basic impulse of marriage is to introduce new life into family and society.

6.1.1. the notion that people get married to pro-create is possibly a generalization, especially with changing social trends in "modern society" as mentioned in the statement.

6.2. Not only a romantic merger of two souls; marriage is the most physical of relationships

6.3. is there any evidence that the function remains constant? if so, how does the statement that "marriage has to be redefined in modern society" come about in the first place?

7. Majority still follow traditions

7.1. Eg. Different races, different customs.

7.1.1. vague!

7.2. This majority you're referring to - who are they? which society are you referring to? what traditions and how are they related to marriage?

8. DEFINITION: A pledge of love between two individuals; the social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies, etc; an institution in which interpersonal relationships, usually intimate and sexual, are acknowledged

8.1. To fully address the concerns of this essay question, it is necessary to consider why some think this definition of marriage needs to be modified in modern society

9. 1. Where are the names of the contributor behind each argument? 2. lacking an overall thesis statement and conclusion 3. the mind map is too brief and even comes across as a half-hearted piece of work; i can only guess at what you're trying to say - further elaboration is needed