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Оценивание в проекте by Mind Map: Оценивание в проекте
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Оценивание в проекте

Во время работы над проектом

Проверка понимания метопознания

The following list contains folks that need to sign-off on this Go To Market Plan

Развитие самостоятельности и взаимодействие

Мониторинг прогресса

As originally detailed by R. Edward Freeman (1984), stakeholder theory identifies and models the groups which are stakeholders of a corporation, and both describes and recommends methods by which...

Перед началом работы над проектом

An executive summary is a report, proposal, or portfolio, etc in miniature (usually one page or shorter). That is, the executive summary contains enough information for the readers to become acquainted with the full document without reading it. Usually, it contains a statement of the problem, some background information, a description of any alternatives, and the major conclusions. Someone reading an executive summary should get a good idea of main points of the document without becoming bogged down with details.

Входящее анкетирование

Стартовая презентация

После завершения проекта

Проверка понимания метопознания

Демонстрация понимания