The Dead

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The Dead by Mind Map: The Dead

1. Characters

1.1. Gabriel Conroy

1.1.1. Teacher of literature who is the protagonist. He isn't in love with Gretta.

1.2. Gretta Conroy

1.2.1. Gabriel's wife and Michael Furey's love

1.3. Michael Furey

1.3.1. Gretta's lover who risked his life for Gretta's love and lost it. He affects Gabriel's being towards the end.

1.4. The Morkan sisters

1.4.1. Two elderly sister. Hosts of the party. Very fond of their nephew, Gabriel.

1.5. Mary Jane

1.5.1. The Morkan's sisters' niece who lives with them. Host of the party.

2. Points of Action

2.1. Inciting incident: As Lily, the housemaid, welcomes the guests, Gabriel teases her about her love life. He feels bad and tries to tip her.

2.2. Climax:The revelation about his wife Gretta's long ago love. This shatters Gabriel's outlook on himself and his career.

3. Theme

3.1. Self-awareness/awakening

3.1.1. Gabriel finds out that he was not Gretta's first love.

3.1.2. The man she was in love with died for her love.

3.1.3. He becomes aware that he is insignificant, in terms of love, to a woman he claims to love.

4. Setting

4.1. Dublin

4.1.1. A home of the elderly Morkan sisters and their niece, during their annual dinner and dance for family and friends during Christmas week.

5. Tone

5.1. Fun and lively

5.1.1. Joyce knows how to paint a picture of a lively crowd at a party.

5.2. neutral (Toward ending)

5.2.1. When Gabriel becomes self-aware of his life and career.