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What is interactive media? by Mind Map: What is interactive media?
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What is interactive media?

To me Interactive media is something that you can actally engage in and make do something. Whether your movement, voice, touch, makes it respond.


Nirvana Ad

There was this advertisement for a Nirvana CD in Virgin Records in NYC. You walk over it in any direction and the image seems to be disturbed by  your image or reflection or something. This if the first type of actual "interactive Media."


Input devices

Traditionally, Most imput devices for a computer have been the same over the history of a computer. Fairly recently, mainly for artists, animators and anyone who needs pinpoint accuracy, hardware developers have released a tablet that lets people use a pen on a sensitive surface as a imput device similar to a mouse or keyboard. Also, hardware developers have released "Smart Boards," for educational use. These boards allow users to see what would be on a computer screen however they would beable to navagatea website or the computer by tapping on the board in the same place you would click a mouse ona computer screen.


Video Games

Most Video Games through out its history have been in some way interactive, whetgher it be moving a joystick or pushing a button to play a game. However the Nintendo Wii is the first game that i have seen that actually forces you to do more than just that. For example if your playing a bowling game, you have to actually preform the motion as if you were bowling a bowling ball. Or if you were playing a tennis game your have to movie your arm to make your player swing the tennis racket.



Traditionally Cell phones,since their arrival, have been the standard screen with numbers that have allowed ou to call people. Recently, many cell phone companies have started to come out with phones that allow you to actually touch the choice you want and that how you navagate the phone instead of pushing left or right. Similarly, MP3 players have also been released with the similar technology so instead of pushing next,back, play or pause, you can physically click on a song you want to hear and it starts playing

Ground Breaking

3D Movies

Recently Movie Studios have come out with the idea of a 3D movies. This example isnt quite the same as the others, however it is interactive in the sence that you have to wear special glasses and look at the screen to experience the whole"3D" effect of the movie.