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Computers by Mind Map: Computers

1. Input

1.1. Wireless Transfer

1.1.1. Positive Faster data transfers. No wires, no connections, no hassles.

1.1.2. Negative Wireless connections may not be accessible or bandwidths may be slow or even impaired.

1.2. Keyboard

1.2.1. Positive Data can be entered and manipulated. Commands can be made to the computer

1.2.2. Negative Students must have prior knowledge on how to use a keyboard and the most efficient ways to type.

2. Output

2.1. Monitor

2.1.1. Positives Data or presentations can be visually displayed.

2.1.2. Negative Connections are needed, configurations need to be in place. Keeping up with up-to-date technology is expensive.

2.2. Printer

2.2.1. Positive Information can be presented on a hard copy for users to hold and read individually.

2.2.2. Negative Printers need constant repair and upkeep. If printers are down, lessons and plans may be completely altered.