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Mobile Summer School by Mind Map: Mobile Summer School

1. 'Social media' oasis into international oasis

1.1. In English

1.2. documenting the venue

1.3. marketing the venue for future use

1.4. reaching out to the world

1.5. Goal

1.5.1. it's not about technology

1.5.2. it's about your will to share and be there

1.5.3. courage to just do it

2. Utilising any mobile

2.1. case Rlabs, Afrikka

2.2. Greetings from Rlabs to Mobile Summer School

2.3. where there's a will there's a way

2.4. plan-do

2.4.1. WHY: what do you want to achieve WHO: who are you reaching out to WHAT: what is your main message

3. Assignment

3.1. Greetings to Rlabs from Finland

3.1.1. Mustiala surroundings and facilities

3.1.2. the history/story of mobile summer school

3.1.3. concept of summer school

3.1.4. learning experience

3.1.5. own use of mobile

3.2. outcome

3.2.1. photo

3.2.2. video interview

3.2.3. web text, such as blog post

3.2.4. tweet #msummerschool

3.2.5. whatever: you do what you can and want to

4. Support

4.1. Pauliina Mäkelä's hands-on mobile clinic