The Power of the U.S.

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The Power of the U.S. by Mind Map: The Power of the U.S.

1. The Legislative Branch

1.1. the U.S. Congress

1.1.1. 100 U.S. Senators Approving Federal Judges & Justices Passing the National Budget Declaring War

1.1.2. 435 Representatives Making Laws Declaring War

2. The Executive Branch

2.1. The President and the Vice President

2.1.1. Enforcing the laws Cabinets Defence Treasury Homeland Security

2.2. Employs over 4 million people

2.2.1. Appoints Government Officials

2.2.2. Commands the Army Forces

2.2.3. Meets with Leaders of other Nations

3. The Judicial Branch

3.1. All the Courts in the land

3.1.1. the Federal District Courts Interprets Nation's Laws, and punish those who breaks them

3.1.2. ...... Courts

3.1.3. the U.S. Supreme Courts 9 Judges Settles States Disputes Hears Court Appeals Determines If Constitutional

4. Americans

4.1. Vote

4.2. Chances to be called to participate works in the government

4.2.1. To serve in a jury

4.2.2. To testify in court

4.2.3. To petition your Congress person

4.2.4. To pass or defeat an idea or a law