American Holidays

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American Holidays by Mind Map: American Holidays

1. Federal

1.1. Dr. Martin Luther King

1.1.1. Third Monday of Januray

1.1.2. To honor him and his movement, the civil rights demonstration

1.2. Presidents Day

1.2.1. Third Monday of February

1.2.2. Commemorates the great persidents in the history

1.2.3. Washington's birthday

1.3. Memorial Day

1.3.1. Fourth (last) Monday of May

1.3.2. Commemorates the dead of all wars

1.3.3. Parade

1.3.4. Other name: Decoration Day

1.3.5. The unofficial start of the summer

1.4. Independece Day

1.4.1. 4th of July

1.4.2. Commemorates the declaration of their independence from Great Britain

1.4.3. Picnics, parade, fireworks

1.5. Labor Day

1.5.1. First Monday of September

1.5.2. Celebrates the achievements of workers

1.5.3. The unofficial start of the autumn

1.5.4. In other countries: International Worker's Day

1.6. Columbus Day

1.6.1. Second Monday of October

1.6.2. Commemorates the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus

1.6.3. Parade

1.7. Veterans Day

1.7.1. 11th of November

1.7.2. Commemorates those people who currently serving in the United States Armed Forces

1.7.3. Parade, having a ravioli meal

1.8. Thanksgiving

1.8.1. Fourth Thursday of November

1.8.2. Thanks for the bountiful harvest

1.8.3. Parade, traditional dinner turkey meal

1.9. Armed Forces Day

1.9.1. Third Saturday of May

1.9.2. Commemorates those people who currently serving in the United States Armed Forces

1.9.3. Parades, air shows, open houses

2. International

2.1. New Years Day

2.1.1. Big parties

2.1.2. The 1st of Janurary

2.1.3. Celebrates the coming of the new year

2.2. Christmas

2.2.1. Commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ

2.2.2. People decorate their houses eg. Christmas tree, ligths, socks over the fireplace

2.2.3. Children receive presents

2.2.4. Santa Claus

2.3. Easter

2.3.1. Presidents egg hunt

2.3.2. Commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Chirst

2.3.3. Events organised by the church

3. Part of the: Armed Forces Week