Is the idea of having one partner for life still a realistic one?

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Is the idea of having one partner for life still a realistic one? by Mind Map: Is the idea of having one partner for life still a realistic one?

1. Supporting argument 1 (licheng)

1.1. As time passes, we can't stay committed to 1 partner.

1.1.1. Our human behaviour is always craving for changes around us, and to be glued to one person till the day we die might seem undersirable to some. If we meet someone new and interesting, we might be attracted to them. Leads to many cases of spouses cheating on one another.

1.1.2. To some, the idea of spending the life with someone sounds like a chore and during some phases in life, it can be. There could be certain bad habits of our partners that we cant stand. playing with their hair the way they smell

2. Opposing argument 1 (carina)

2.1. There are people who still feel that to be able to spend their entire life with the person they love and love them back is really something special, so there's no need for another partner in their life.

2.1.1. They are really sincere in the relationship, able to resist temptations of cheating on the other half. eg: surveys show that there's still a certain percentage of people who have not cheated on their partners.

2.1.2. Willing to put in effort to make the relationship a smooth sailing one, thus no excuses to not stay loyal to their partner. eg: going for relationship counselling or couple therapy

3. Opposing argument 2 (beatrice)

3.1. There are people who still follows the traditional culture of having one partner for life

3.1.1. Throughout the generations, family values is a important aspect in life e.g. In traditional Chinese families who have imparted family values such as filial. One aspect in being filial is by respecting your marriage.

3.1.2. Religions convey messages of moral and social values through their teachings. Religious principles learnt from young can be adopted to help lead a peaceful married life e.g One of The Ten Commandments of Jesus state that "Thou shall not commit adultery". Showing that

4. Supporting argument 2 (michelle)

4.1. shift in culture over time (eg. accepting polygamy relationships)

4.1.1. divorce has been around since ancient times the act of living together without marriage(co-habiting) has become more and more acceptable in today's society the ease of coming together and separating without any prolonged court battles increasing divorce rates even women now have the rights to file for divorce in most society

4.1.2. influence from political figures and media movies such as 'friends with benefits' lead people to think that there is nothing wrong with having many partners recent scandal of yaw shin leong( member of parliment for hougang) having an extramarital affair even figures who the public deemed as people who have high morality succumbed to such temptations celebrities who marry and divorce like it is the rites of passge jennifer lopez broke up with her long time husband marc anthony and was romantically linked with actor William levy not long after

5. Thesis statement

5.1. No, it is no longer realistic

6. Conclusion

6.1. Nobody can ensure that two lovebirds will marry nor ensure that all couples will abide by their vows and stay together for life, through the good and the bad times. To err is human. Humans will do what they will. Whether the society accepts it or not, having one partner for life seems to be unrealistic at the present.