To what extent is a stable family vital for a successful society?

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To what extent is a stable family vital for a successful society? by Mind Map: To what extent is a stable family vital for a successful society?

1. Introduction:

1.1. In an overview, families can be seen as the fundamental building blocks of a society. A stable family is one where every family member can coexist harmoniously, and each family member is given care, love and support. Hence for a society to be successful, which is where there is a certain level of security and people can constantly progress forward socially and economically, stable families are imperative so as to provide a certain level of foundation mandatory for the establishment of such a society. Therefore I do concur that a stable family is indeed vital for a successful society.

1.1.1. Good intro.

2. Conclusion:

2.1. Thus, it can be seen that a stable family has a large role in creating a successful society, since the family is the first social group that any individual would be in contact with. The family thus plays the role of the educator, imparting the correct values and with proper upbringing, and also the role of the provider, providing each member with care and concern, and also materialistically, with education. Although a stable family is not always the largest factor in creating a successful society, and some dysfunctional families can provide motivation to others to not follow suit, a stable family can be considered as playing a vital role in a successful society due to it being able to provide the basics that each individual needs to progress. Therefore, I agree that a stable family is vital in a successful society.

2.1.1. Conclusion is a good summary of your discussion.

3. Supporting Point 3:

3.1. Point

3.1.1. Stable families have stable incomes to support the education of the children. again, topic sentence doesn't directly address the question

3.1.2. A society would benefit greatly when there are educated and knowledgeable leaders who are able to lead the country. Stable families are more able to support the education of children; to better prepare them for their future endeavors.

3.2. Elaboration

3.2.1. A society must progress economically in order to be successful. Progress can be achieved mainly through education where people are able to gain knowledge and skills. As such, they are able to contribute in boosting the country's economy.

3.2.2. Children are the future leaders of the country or society, and thus, with higher education, they would be able to be better leaders, and lead the society towards progress.

3.3. Evidence

3.3.1. Singapore has a strong emphasis put on education to encourage its people to achieve higher education, which will allow them to have more jobs opportunities, improving the prospects of earning a good income. In turn, more revenue will be generated for the country. Families with stable incomes will definitely have no trouble sending their children to schools and providing them with more learning resources to help them become more educated. Hence with stable families, there will be more people receiving a complete education, allowing them to become individuals who can attain a good career prospect and contribute positively to the country's economic growth. Putting the GDP here doesn't really serve much purpose, don't throw in examples for the sake of it. Are only people with stable incomes able to send their children to school? What about government/community centre grants to those who are unable to go to school then?

3.3.2. In Myanmar, many families can no longer afford to send their children to school as they are faced with deepening poverty. Hence, the people are not able to complete their basic education which leaves a whole generation of people without the knowledge and skills necessary to build a country. The people find themselves not only starved for knowledge, but for a future as well. This will have long-term implications for the ability of the country to develop. Without education, it is difficult to build a peaceful and productive society. By achieving education, people will be better equipped with knowledge and skills to contribute to the workforce and also become leaders of the society. Therefore, having stable income would mean more education opportunities so as to better prepare their children for future challenges in the society.

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3.4.1. Education is the foundation of society which brings economic wealth. If there is a deficit of educated people, the society will be stopped from further progress. Hence, stable families are indeed vital for a successful society as the stable incomes brought in enables the children to receive education.

3.5. All your supporting points are similar in that that all talk about how a stable family can positively impact the children and thus result in a successful society. What about the adults? No emphasis placed there.

4. Supporting Point 2:

4.1. Point

4.1.1. A stable family can provide a conducive environment for the upbringing of children. conducive

4.1.2. A stable family can provide a conducive environment for the upbringing of children, and with the right values in place, social issues would decrease, resulting in a successful society.

4.2. Elaboration

4.2.1. Children, when young are very dependent on their caregivers-not only for their physical but also for their emotional needs.

4.3. Evidence

4.3.1. With a stable family, parents can inculcate in their children values and characters pertaining and imperative to the progress of society, It has been proven by child experts that a child's early years are those in which he can easily learn new knowledge and skills. If the parents are educated, they are best placed to educate their own children. Hence parents can imbue in their children a moral compass from young, allowing them to become morally upright individuals, so that they will not commit crimes, which can be detrimental to the progress of society.

4.4. Link

4.4.1. Hence, a stable family is vital for a successful society as children will adopt the values and characters they learn from their parents. These values and characters will determine if there is social stability and harmony in a society, which in turn, affect the progress of the society.

4.5. In essence, a repeat of supporting point 1

5. Supporting Point 1:

5.1. Point

5.1.1. Parents in stable families would provide care and guidance for their children. Merely stating 'guidance' is insufficient to show a link to it resulting in a successful society

5.1.2. A stable family provides each member with care and concern, and this emotional support would translate to resilience which is essential for a successful society.

5.2. Elaboration

5.2.1. This can help develop strong bonds between family members as every member is able to understand and tolerate each others' differences. This positive attitude can then be brought into the society thus allowing the people to be able to live harmoniously.

5.2.2. Societies and communities would always face tough times, and support from the family is key in allowing the society to persevere and overcome these difficulties. With the families support, individuals would not feel discouraged, and this positive attitude would eventually spread to the whole society. A successful society is then created, because every individual would be able to endure, and the society can grow as a whole.

5.3. Evidence

5.3.1. In an unstable family, where parents do not get along well and are in constant dispute, the children are most likely to be neglected. This means that the children will grow up without basic guidance by their parents and will lead a life without any goals. The children may also commit crimes to get the attention of their parents. This will disrupt the harmony in society.

5.3.2. Singapore is a country in which the government puts considerable emphasis on maintaining the stability of families. In the 1997 Asian Economic Crisis, Singapore was initially badly affected, causing the Singapore dollar to depreciate heavily against major currencies of the US and Japan. Despite this sudden economic turmoil, Singaporeans managed to push through this hard times, and in less than a year, we had recovered and had continued to grow.

5.4. Link

5.4.1. Therefore, a stable family is necessary for a successful society as it shapes the progress and harmony in current and future generations. A failure to sustain a stable family can result in a snowball effect which would subsequently result in a negative impact on our society.

5.4.2. Thus, it can be seen that the emotional support that stable families provide would result in a high resilience in each of its members, and this would in turn result in resilience within the society. This forms a successful society, which is able to bounce back despite meeting with difficulties.

5.5. Generally a good point, but rework your topic sentence and add in more concrete examples.

6. Counterpoint 2:

6.1. Point

6.1.1. There are other factors that can lead to a successful society, one of them being the state of the government.

6.2. Elaboration

6.2.1. When the government is stable and without corruption, there is a mutual trust between the government and the people.

6.2.2. The people thus believes in the government's goals for the country, and work together as a collective unit to reach those goals. With this common mindset, a successful society would eventually be reached, with high economic progress.

6.3. Evidence

6.3.1. For instance, in a democratic society like Singapore, the government has set out goals that the government bodies and the people should aim to achieve. These goals come in the form of the missions and visions of various Government Ministries, or from speeches where problems facing Singapore are pointed out.

6.3.2. With these goals in place, the state and people then work together to achieve these goals, and form a successful society that is present now in Singapore.

6.4. Counter-counter Point

6.4.1. Yet, in such a stable government, this often leads to stable families. This is because one of the pillars for a successful society is a decrease in the number of social issues in Singapore, and creating stable families would solve many of these social issues such as crime rate. How has the government created stable families then?

6.4.2. Stable Families have been created and supported through organisations specifically targeted to care for the welfare of the families in Singapore, and to also help families thrive. One of these organisations is the Focus on Family Singapore, which aim to spread the importance of each aspect of the family to various families in Singapore, so as to help Singapore achieve many stable families.

6.5. Link

6.5.1. As a result, stable families do play a role in creating a successful society, although it is not a major factor in this case because the state is the one that is ultimately creating the goals to achieve a well rounded successful society.

7. Counterpoint 1:

7.1. Point

7.1.1. People coming from unstable and dysfucntional families can help others who come from similar backgrounds, allowing them to overcome the trauma resulting from their upbringing and enabling them to become successful individuals. Topic sentence doesn't directly address question.

7.1.2. People from unstable and dysfunctional families who have overcome their trauma resulting from their upbringing can help others in the society with the same issue. In doing so we can reduce such social problems and help bring peace to build a successful society.

7.2. Elaboration

7.2.1. Being in an unstable and dysfuctional family can bring about much pain and agony in a person. However, they can also use these negative feelings to aid other people who come from similar backgrounds, as they have been in their shoes before, and will be able to fully emphatize with them. Through this aid, other people coming from dysfucntional families will be able to emerge from those negative feelings and step out into society as successful individuals.

7.3. Evidence

7.3.1. Multiple award-winning American rapper Jay-Z came from a family where his father abandoned him, and furthermore at an age of 13, he shot his own brother. This clearly shows a dysfunctional and unstable family that Jay-Z has been through. However, he has used his upbringing as an inspiration for the lyrics of his songs, and he has used rapping as a means of catharsis. Now, Jay-Z is a very successful individual and his life story has inspired other people who share similar backgrounds with him that they too, can lead a better and successful life.

7.4. Link

7.4.1. Therefore, even without a stable family, a society can still be successful as children in an unstable and dysfunctional family will not necessarily turn out like their parents. With determination to achieve a better and successful life,they can indeed make a difference in their lives and furthermore, exert a positive influence on others who come from similar family backgrounds. Hence society can be successful even without the establishment of stable families. Good point, need to show more clarity in your topic sentence for this point.

8. All in all, argument is rather limited due to the repeated supporting points. The intro and conclusion are written well, but there has to be more discussion on why stable families are so important to ensure a successful society. Topic sentences are not focused on answering the question too.