The Only Thing You Have To Do Before 9 A.M.

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The Only Thing You Have To Do Before 9 A.M. by Mind Map: The Only Thing You Have To Do Before 9 A.M.

1. What holds most people back from going after what they want.

1.1. Most people don’t reach their potential because they allow themselves to start their workday in a shitty mood.

1.2. They wake up angry or anxious and they don’t do anything in order to feel even just a little bit better before they start work.

1.3. You just need to do one thing that ensures you have the energy to walk into the office with a smile on your face.

1.3.1. It could be that getting up just 15 minutes earlier to play with your kids at the park on the way to school does the trick.

1.3.2. It could mean that watching stand-up comedy during your commute boosts your mood.

1.3.3. Or maybe it’s as simple as going for a walk or as silly as dancing to a cheesy song.

1.4. Both promotions and opportunities are given to those who other people like working with.

1.5. Acknowledge your co-workers and look like you actually enjoy coming to work with them from time to time.

2. Conclusion

2.1. The energy you bring today determines the opportunities you are rewarded with tomorrow.

2.2. Take note of the days you arrive to work in a good mood. Look for patterns.

2.2.1. Was it because you finally went to the gym before work?

2.2.2. Was it because you woke up slow and read or wrote?

2.2.3. Was it because you played with your kids or made your partner breakfast?

2.2.4. Could it be that you didn’t look at your phone?

2.3. If you don’t do what you can to go into work in a good mood, usually nothing inside your office walls will give you a reason to smile.

2.4. We all have the same job: make the days of the people around us a little brighter.

2.5. This becomes much easier if you suck it up and do whatever you can to not be so miserable before going to work.