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Workshop by Mind Map: Workshop

1. Need

1.1. Just bought computers

2. Awareness

2.1. New School vs Existing customer

2.2. Word of mouth

2.2.1. Face to face

2.2.2. Facebook groups Reference

2.2.3. Folkeskole (DK) Digital conversation

2.2.4. Good use case

2.3. Sales contact (prospecting)

2.3.1. Who? Person responsible for a specific subject Person responsible the money Headmaster Teacher

2.3.2. Where? At the school Roadshow Drop-in the school At home

2.3.3. How? Phone Email

2.4. Through marketing awareness

2.4.1. Trial requests

2.4.2. Facebook ads

2.4.3. Fairs

2.4.4. Google Search Topic specific (i.e. modell över atomens kärna) Digital läromedel

2.4.5. Public communications

2.5. Professional associations / partners

2.5.1. Läromedia

2.5.2. Skolon

2.5.3. Emu

3. Consideration

3.1. How to communicate the value

3.1.1. 1.2.1 Clio conversation with prospect Call Email Support Presentation

3.1.2. 1 2 Many Webinars Trials Emails Do we have a common process for the 30 day free trial? Price requests Back to the awareness points Word of mouth Online reviews ...

3.2. What value is the prospect looking for?

3.2.1. Digital vs Analog Understand the value of digital

3.2.2. Competitor analysis (digital) Understand the value of Clio

3.2.3. Topic-relevant analysis How can I use this with my students Goal: i want the best for my kids Is this the type of product that matches my expectations

4. Decision

4.1. Reference

4.1.1. Online

4.1.2. Word of mouth

4.2. Sales conversations

4.2.1. Financial conversation Use my own or purchase a ready-made solution

4.2.2. Negotiations

4.3. Segmentation

4.3.1. Topic relevant Lack of product knowledge from salespeople Become better generalists

4.3.2. School level