Acquisition Process

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Acquisition Process by Mind Map: Acquisition Process

1. Perfect Presentation (Acquisition Manager)

1.1. By asking the seller questions about what they need, let them determine the best entrance strategy

1.2. Purchase and Sale Agreement

2. Deal Analysis (Deal Analyzer)

2.1. Pull Comps

2.1.1. Determine ARV

2.2. Repair Estimator

2.2.1. Line items needed to bring this property from As-Is to Retail

2.3. Determine Cash Entrance Purchase Price

2.3.1. Click 'Optimize' button

2.4. Structure Creative Financing

3. Triage Call (Lead Manager)

3.1. General Info

3.2. Condition

3.3. Timeframe

3.4. Mortgage

3.5. Asking Price

3.6. Creative Finance

4. Asana Checklists (Transaction Coordinator)

4.1. Due Diligence

4.2. Exit-Strategy-Specific Checklist

4.3. Closing Checklist