How to reduce overwhelm when you have lots of goals

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How to reduce overwhelm when you have lots of goals by Mind Map: How to reduce overwhelm when you have  lots of goals

1. 4. Decide on the next step

1.1. Put a reminder on your to-do list or calendar

1.2. Make it smaller in your head

1.2.1. Instead of thinking: I’m going to write the next Harry Potter series

1.2.2. just focus on brainstorming the best ideas for a fiction book

1.2.3. And then focus on writing the best outline possible and then focus on achieving excellence in completing another step, etc

1.2.4. If you focus on giving your all on just the next step you won’t have to give up any lofty goals but will feel like each task you do is reachable instead of impossible

2. 5.Think of why

2.1. a quick way to feel less overwhelmed with what you have to do is

2.1.1. to think of why

2.2. When we look at the bigger picture

2.2.1. we often find the strength needed to get through a particularly difficult to-do list

2.3. When we know why we do what we do

2.3.1. it makes it easier to actually do

2.4. When a job feels bigger than us

2.4.1. we put more effort into it, with greater pleasure

2.5. Whether the reason ‘why’ is for your children

2.5.1. or the success of your company

2.5.2. or to impact lives, think of that

2.6. Focus on that

2.6.1. Remember that

3. 6. Keep a success list

3.1. We’re always thinking about what we haven’t yet accomplished

3.1.1. but often forget to acknowledge what we’ve already done

3.2. Keeping a list of your achievements

3.2.1. will help you realize that you are already a productive, successful person

3.3. Once you’ve got your first goal underway

3.3.1. and you’re feeling good about it

3.3.2. then you might think about what else to start

3.3.3. Go back to step 1

3.4. Keep acknowledging your progress as you go along

3.4.1. You’ve got this!

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5. 1. Pick the first thing you want to work on

5.1. Brainstorm what you need

5.1.1. to do to make it happen

5.2. It doesn’t have to be a full project plan

5.2.1. just a list of next steps

5.3. Regardless of how much you have to do

5.3.1. you can only do one thing at a time, period

5.4. So pick that one thing and focus on that

5.5. Act as if finishing this one thing

5.5.1. and not your entire to-do list at once

5.5.2. is your immediate priority

5.6. You will find this raises your productivity

5.6.1. because you’ll be able to focus without feeling overwhelmed

5.6.2. about everything else you need to do

6. 2. Choose one step to take today

6.1. Do it

6.2. If there’s something in your way of taking that first step

6.2.1. removing the obstacle to taking action

6.2.2. is your REAL first step

6.3. For example

6.3.1. if you can’t sign up for a coaching course until you get a recommendation from a friend

6.3.2. your real first step is to call your friend to get the recommendation

7. 3.Timebox it

7.1. Carve out a reasonable amount of time to focus on a task

7.1.1. just one task

7.1.2. Then set an alarm

7.1.3. Once that alarm goes off, you’re done

7.2. Either go take a break or move onto another task

7.3. It is unbelievable how much easier it is to get something done

7.4. when you tell yourself:

7.4.1. I’ll work on this for only 20 minutes and no more

7.5. I promise you’ll find that you work harder in those 20 minutes

7.5.1. than you would if you had given yourself all day to do this

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