'A family with no children is not a family at all.' Discuss.

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'A family with no children is not a family at all.' Discuss. by Mind Map: 'A family with no children is not a family at all.' Discuss.

1. Elaboration:A main reason why the family exists is to give birth to children.Children are the fundamental structure of a family. In an intact family,parents cultivate the children when thay are young. At the end the children need to take the responsibility of taking care of the whole family when they grow up. In this way, a positive recycle is formed and prevents problems like aging population.

2. (Li Shuai)Supporting argument 3: A child is not only the hope for the country but also the hope for a family. A country without citizens is not a country, how can a family without children be a family?

3. Elaboration: The trend of gay marriage, with the proven fact that it is impossible for the couple to have children without using external means is on the rise. Yet people are still going with it. This shows how people's mindset had deviated away from the notion that couples should have children before they are considered as a family.

3.1. Example: In some countries like China, having children is a kind of tradition. The child of a family means the person who will inherit the family's spirit and belief and continue what their parents failed to achieve.

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5. Elaboration: Usually in childless families, both spouses are our working and the house is usually empty. Even when either one comes home, it's usually to an empty house and there is simply no warmth there.

5.1. Example: Modern day Singapore. Young couples are no longer interested in the notion of starting a 'family'. The number of married couples are getting lesser, and even when they do get married, its usually at a late age. Due to high costs of living, many couples choose not to have kids and would much rather simply have each other. However, this will result in a very lonely old age for them and when they come to realize this, it will already be too late.

6. Elaboration (II): There is no need for kids to be a family because a family is what you make it to be. The number of people in the family depends on who you ask for.

7. Elaboration: A family is a home, an emotional shelter for each and every member of the family. a family without children is still a family because the couple has each other for moral and emotional support. Being married without children enables one to know more about oneself and one's spouse. Neither time and attention for each other is compromised, allowing a married couple to come together as a heart warming family despite having no children.

8. Elaboration B: Creates a disparity between a childless couple vs a couple with children i.e. values, activites, behaviour, way of life

9. Elaboration A: Children present a couple with a bestowed responsibility to nurture and care for them, forging the true essence of familial ties, the bearing of a new generation

10. Thesis statement: Should not be considered true, bearing in mind that a family is a group of people affiliated by consanguinity, affinity, or co-residence.

11. (Wei Tai) Supporting argument 1: "Family" is undoubtedly the code word for children, it has been the general belief that children have to be present to create a family.

11.1. Example: Celebritiy couples for instance, Bradgelina vs. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and their 6 children (3 adopted, 3 biological)?

12. (Gordon) Supporting Argument 2: "Family" should be a place that one can come home to, to feel warmth and love and just forget about the day's fatigue. A family without children hardly even qualifies to this category.

13. (Shi Han, Wen Yi) Opposing argument: A family without children is still counted as a family. A family without children can function just as well as one with children.

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17. Supporting argument(Wen Yi, Wei Tai): Unconventional ways of practicing marriage have changed the perception of the argument that a family without children is not a family at all.

17.1. Example: Especially in America where some states had approved of same sex marriage, the conventional way of marriage between two person of opposite sex have been changed. It is also impossible for gay couples to have children of their own without adopting external methods.

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19. Elaboration(lll): A couple is nonetheless a group of people affiliated by love and a long lasting promise that binds the two of them. A decision not to have children does not change the fact that they are still a family.