All for a piece of bread

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All for a piece of bread by Mind Map: All for a piece of bread

1. Setting

1.1. Time

1.1.1. In the afternoon

1.2. Place

1.2.1. In the forest

1.3. weather

1.3.1. Sunny

2. Characters

2.1. A cunning fox

2.2. A foolish crow

3. Exposition

3.1. Once upon a time,a cunning fox was very hungry .He noticed a crow in a tree who had a piece of meat.

4. Rising actoin

4.1. He played tricks on the crow so that he could get the bread.

5. Climax

5.1. He told the crow that she was the most beautiful bird he has seen and wanted to hear her voice.

6. Falling action

6.1. The proud crow open her mouth to sing and the bread fell from her beak. The fox caught it as quick as flash.

7. Resolution

7.1. The crow was very sad that she had tricked by the fox.

8. Learn from this story

8.1. I have learnt how to avoid cheating