Is the idea of having one partner for life still a realistic one?

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Is the idea of having one partner for life still a realistic one? by Mind Map: Is the idea of having one partner for life still a realistic one?

1. As society becomes more competitive, more time is spent at work. Polygamy would allow children to benefit from having more caregivers, which would otherwise lead to neglect of children.

2. High fliers around the world stating clearly their support for polygamy(eg. French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy claiming she prefers polygamy over monogamy). People might follow in the footsteps of such leaders around the world.

3. They are afraid that it would mean less freedom for them.

4. For example, China’s divorce rate increased from 0.33 in 1979 to 1.59 in 2007, and the percentage of remarriages among the people who married each year increased from 3.05% in 1985 to 10.24% in 2007

5. Hence as divorce is more socially acceptable in today’s society, there are more and more people choosing to divorce and look for other partners who are more suitable for them. therefore, due to the high divorce rate today, the idea of having one partner for life still a realistic one

6. Pt 3: Polygamy being revisited (Daniel Chin)

6.1. Muslim religion allows men to have up to four wives, and women comply.

6.2. Discussions about whether husbands with busy wives should be allowed to have younger wives who would stay at home and bear children, in order to solve low fertility rate in Singapore.

7. People are more open towards divorce. Instead of regarding it as a shame, people nowadays emphasis more emphasis on its importance as a right of every one. They have gradually realized that divorce is the best choice when the couple is no longer happy staying together; it is not only the way for them to get rid of endless quarrels and sadness but it is also a new starting for them to pursue their true loves and the kind of lives they dream to live.

8. Supporting argument 2

8.1. Many people still wish to have a blissful marriage (Hendrik Kwek)

8.1.1. In marriage, both parties is suppose to give each other equal amount of attention. However, if polygamy occurs for one party of the marriage, then he would not be able to give his attention to the other party, therefore making this marriage very unhappy. With this point stated, it is more realistic to have one partner for life.

8.1.2. Having just one partner in a relationship would help reduce conflicts that might arise in decision making involving all parties in a polygamy relationship.

8.1.3. Conflicts might occur between wives in a polygamy relationship due to priority given to the one who bears more children. The other would feel inferior and would lead to an unhappy relationship.

9. Supporting arguments (Wei Bin)

9.1. Pt 1 : Traditional values still present in society

9.1.1. * Parents nowadays would consider about the feelings of their children before making any serious decision Eg. If parent are going for a divorce, the feeling of the children will be consider before the parents come down to a actual decision

9.1.2. * Religion influence and moral values affect the thinking of couples and society.

10. Thesis statement/stand

11. Opposing arguments

11.1. Pt 1: People nowadays less willing to stick to one partner for life (Daniel Chin)

11.1.1. They think that having just one partner for life is traditional and conservative.

11.1.2. Worried that as time passes, feelings for one another would change, and by then, a divorce would mean dire consequences for each other as well as children

11.2. Pt2:social stigma attached to divorce is no longer as heavy as before (Xiao Yuxin)

12. Conclusion

13. supporting arguments 3(by Yerong)

13.1. Marriage and long term companionship are based on love. I admit that in today’s society, materialism prevails and it’s getting more and more difficult for people t to seek true love. The failure of people to find true love is the biggest obstacle preventing people from having long term partnership.

13.2. As many young people build up marriage based on the economic status of their spouses, they may not truly love their husband/wife. Such kinds of marriages are never stable.

13.2.1. * Chinese are constantly reminded about the values that are past down from the older generation to be faithful and the importance of having a perfect family, thus couples would be more incline to stick with one partner for life.

13.3. However, if we drop the idea of being too realistic and materialistic, love a person and make sure we know each other pretty well, build up trust and commitment to each other, it is possible for partnership to last for life.