10 of the best Learning apps for the Apple iPad

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10 of the best Learning apps for the Apple iPad by Mind Map: 10 of the best Learning apps for the Apple iPad

1. MindMeister

1.1. Share and collaborate with friends or classmates for group assignments

1.2. Organise your study tasks and notes

1.3. Share lecture notes with students

1.4. Set reminders for assignments due dates and exmas

1.5. Visually plan assignments, thesis/ essay writing and projects

1.6. Create study and class schedules

1.7. Classroom participation in one map

1.8. Sync with multiple devices

2. Evernote

2.1. Save research notes, web clips or image files

2.2. Share notes with friends and colleagues

2.3. Sync with multiple devices

2.4. Save full webpages from your browser

2.5. Record audio notes

3. Mathboard

3.1. Math learning tool

3.2. Solve problems and submit results to parents/ teachers

3.3. Maths tables for reference

3.4. Track student ongoing progress with the student profiles feature

3.5. Create timed quizzes with reviewable answers

3.6. Solutions and examples


4.1. Watch the Live stream of the NASA public TV channel

4.2. Information on launches and countdown clocks

4.3. Students can track mission orbits

4.4. Get information on all types of NASA missions including Earth, The Solar System, The Galaxy and launch schedules

4.5. NASA Image of the Day and Astronomy picture of the day

5. 3D Brain

5.1. Discover the human brain in 3D

5.2. Navigate around 29 brain structures

5.3. Rotate and zoom on iPad touch screen

5.4. Discover how each brain region functions

5.5. See the results of injury to the brain

5.6. Get information on brain damage, mental illness, disorders, different case studies and also modern research

6. Mental Case

6.1. Worlds largest study card library

6.2. Enter mental notes with images, video, audio, and formatted text.

6.3. Flip through your notes through the 3D browser

6.4. Create folders and store notes

6.5. Choose from different study schedules from long term to cramming sessions

6.6. Quickly capture any piece of information you are working on

6.7. Create a slideshow of your notes

7. Voice memos

7.1. Record unlimited voice memos in High Quality

7.2. Label and organize all voice memos and include text notes

7.3. Trim the recorded memos to only keep what you need

7.4. Share memos with friends via email

8. The Elements app

8.1. Visually explore the periodic table

8.2. It brings the periodic table to life

8.3. See each element with rotating samples

8.4. Tap any element to read more about it

8.5. Additional facts and figures included

8.6. See carefully photographed objects representing each element in 3d and rotate to fully inspect

9. Flash my Brain

9.1. Create, study and share your flash cards

9.2. Take photos and add sounds to each flash card

9.3. Take a photo of a list and break down into flash cards

9.4. Customized shuffling

9.5. Get or share your flash cards with the online library

10. Wikipedia

10.1. Free encyclopedia with approx 21 million articles

10.2. Search for articles covering almost every topic

10.3. Over 280 different languages

10.4. Save articles to read offline

10.5. Share articles with group collaborators