Is the idea of having one partner for life still a realistic one?

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Is the idea of having one partner for life still a realistic one? by Mind Map: Is the idea of having one partner for life still a realistic one?

1. Counter Argument 1: Influences from the media make monogamy less realistic

1.1. Elaboration 1: In the age where tabloids scream of scandals such as affairs and divorces of various idols, it is not surprising that many seem to be following in their footsteps

1.2. Elaboration 2:It seems like everywhere you look, there's divorce: in books, on TV and on the big screen. The media appears to be glorifying divorce, making it seem as if there should be a celebration for separation.

1.3. Elaboration 3: Even government leaders are setting a bad example by taking part in extra marital affairs.

1.4. Example: OK Magazine and People Magazine often publish split ups and divorces of celebrities on the front page of their magazine. Eg, Russell brand and Katy Perry split in Dec 2011. Politicians: Bill Clinton had a 12 year long affair with Gennifer Flowers and the affair with 22 year old intern Monica Lewinski in the public eye.

2. Counter Argument 2: Many find it hard to be committed to a single partner for life and are quick to end a marriage.

2.1. Proof: 67% of recent marriage now end in divorce.

2.2. Elaboration 1 The sanctity of marriage is taking a beating. People’s attitudes towards marriage itself are changing…and as a result they do not work hard at it as before.

2.2.1. Perhaps it could be due to the fact that many enter marriage with unrealistcially high expectations, such that when one partner cheats the other immediately thinks to end the marriage instead of working things out.

3. The idea of having one partner for life is no longer a realistic one. People have now become more open to polygamy, which is the practice or condition of having more than one spouse at one time. Many are hence breaking away from the conventional idea of having only one partner for life (monogamy). Infidelity is no longer seen as a terrible thing in certain countries, therefore couples nowadays are less afraid of cheating on their spouses. although a number of people still favour the idea of monogamy, other factors may cause this idea to become unrealistic, causing marriages to end in divorce. as a result, we believe that the idea of having one partner for life is no longer a realistic one.

4. Conclusion: In conclusion, although certain traditional values still hold in modern day, the mindsets and attitudes of people towards marriage has changed. More couples are thus less afraid to end their marriage should they feel a need to, instead of trying their utmost best to savage their marriages even when they no longer see any hope. In addition, many married couples choose to have no children in this present day, hence making the decision of divorcing an easier one since there is no need to consider the impact their divorce would inflict upon the child. The increasing divorce rate has also clearly shown how the idea of having only one partner for life is no longer a realistic one.

5. Supporting argument 1: Traditional values still hold in modern day society (Zhujun)

5.1. Many people remained single even after his/her spouse died.

5.1.1. To remain loyal to their spouse even though they had died years ago Kept their promise of "Till death do us apart"

5.1.2. Example: Pauline N. Raub, living in Florida United States remained single even though his spouse, Earl A. Raub, died 5 years ago.

5.1.3. In the past, in ancient China, the women are not allowed to be married to another husband even if he has died at a young age.

5.2. Children are the ones considered when couples are thinking about divorces. Parents from both sides usually come into play as well.

5.2.1. In the past, parents would usually persuade or even force them not to divorce each other to the extent of locking them together in a household and prohibiting them from leaving

5.2.2. Children often makes a crucial impact on whether couples divorce or not Couples might feel that divorcing would do a negative impact on their children and hence decided not to divorce for the sake of their children So even though they are suffering together, they would still remain partners for life for their children

6. Supporting argument 2: Many still hopes for a blissful marriage (Zhujun)

6.1. Many still hope to savage their marriages even though it is laid with thorns

6.1.1. Many marriage consulting services are available for couples who face problems in their marriages and hope to save it before they have no choice but to have a divorce.

6.2. Many couples still share their very personal belongings or items together

6.2.1. Example: Sharing a common bank account so that both of them know of their financial status

6.3. Many couples still put in spice into their marriage life

6.3.1. Example: Surprising each other at the most random timings with simple actions such as going to a new restaurant and having a candle light dinner

6.3.2. Example: Visiting other countries and treating their visit as a second Honeymoon trip

6.4. Many couples still give each other some privacy in certain matters and respect each other

6.4.1. Example: Not intruding in each other's social lives.

6.4.2. Example: Saying "Please" or "Thank you" when needed so that the spouse don't feel that he/she is taken for granted.

6.5. In Singapore, 10% of the marriages go into divorce, meaning there are still 9 out of 10 marriages who view their marriage as important and hopes to sustain it.