Force and Pressure

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Force and Pressure by Mind Map: Force and Pressure

1. Effects of forces

1.1. Change the speed of a moving object

1.2. Change the direction of a moving object

1.3. Change the shape and size of an object

1.4. Start or stop an object from moving

2. What is a force?

2.1. Force is a push or a pull.

2.2. Force is exerted when one thing interacts with another.

2.3. Examples of forces are: Lifting, pushing, squeezing, twisting and bending.


4. Types of forces

4.1. Frictional

4.1.1. A force that is created when two surfaces try to move across each other.

4.2. Gravitational

4.2.1. Not a force of contact. Any object on Earth or close to Earth will experience gravitational force. New node

4.3. Magnetic

4.3.1. A force which one object attract or repel one another.


6. What is a pressure?

6.1. An exertion of force upon a surface of an object

6.2. SI unit = Pascal ( Pa)

6.3. Pressure = force divided by area

7. Decrease & Increase pressure

7.1. To decrease pressure, make the force on the area smaller

7.2. To increase pressure, make the force on the area larger.