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Force and Pressure by Mind Map: Force and Pressure

1. Pressure

1.1. What is pressure

1.1.1. Pressure is the amount of force acting on a surface area.

1.1.2. SI unit of pressure is: Pascal(Pa)

1.1.3. Pressure = force/area =N/M2

1.1.4. How to increase pressure By increasing the force exerted By decreasing the surface area in contact

1.1.5. How to decrease pressure By decreasing the force exerted By increasing the surface area in contact

2. Force

2.1. Measured in Newton

2.2. Measured by a spring balance

2.3. Types of forces

2.3.1. Friction the force between two objects in movement e.g. between a tyre and the road.

2.3.2. Gravity 1N=1kg A pulling force exerted by the earth on objects e.g. a ball dropping is caused by the earth's pull /gravity.

2.3.3. Magnetic magnetic materials Nickel Zinc Iron Steel

2.4. Effects of force

2.4.1. Change the shape of an object

2.4.2. Change the state of an object

2.4.3. Change the direction of an object

2.4.4. Stop a moving object