Force and Pressure

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Force and Pressure by Mind Map: Force and Pressure

1. Force

1.1. can effect an object

1.1.1. shape e,g, a ball of plasticine can be made into other shapes

1.1.2. size

1.1.3. velocity e.g a boy uses his legs to stop a moving ball

1.2. types of forces

1.2.1. gravitational force occurs between any 2 object is a force pulls the objects towards the earth weight depends on the force of gravity pulling that object measured in Newtons the greater the force of gravity pulling an object , the heavier the object

1.2.2. elastic spring force occurs when something is stretched or compressed .

1.2.3. frictional force occurs when 2 surfaces comes into contact ways to reduce friction lubrication ball bearings produces heat causes wear and tear of objects

1.2.4. magnetic force magnet can attract metals made of steel , iron , cobalt , nickel occur when unlike poles of magnet attract or like poles of magnets repel .

1.3. measured using

1.3.1. force meter / newton meter

2. Pressure

2.1. measured in Pascal or N/m^2

2.2. the amount of force exerted perpendicularly per unit area

2.3. effected by 2 factors

2.3.1. force

2.3.2. area

3. New node