Force and pressure

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Force and pressure by Mind Map: Force and pressure

1. What is a Force?

1.1. A force is a push or a pull when things interact with each other.

2. Important forces

2.1. Frictional force

2.1.1. Occurs when two surfaces are in contact with each other Can be reduced by lubricants, ball berings

2.2. Magnetic force

2.2.1. Occurs when a force is exerted bya magnet on an magnetic material

2.3. Gravitational force

2.3.1. A.K.A gravity Exists between any two objects Eg. a coconut falling from the tree

3. What is pressure?

3.1. Pressure is the force acting perpendicularly per unit area

4. Increase pressure?

4.1. To increase pressure,the contact area between the object and the ground must be smaller to exert more force

5. Decrease pressure?

5.1. To decrease pressure, the contact area between the object and the ground must be larger to exert less force.

6. SI unit for pressure

6.1. Pascal(PA), N/m2

7. calculating pressure?

7.1. Pressure = force/area

8. Instruments to measure force

8.1. Force meters

8.2. Newton meters

8.3. Eg. spring balance

9. SI unit for force

9.1. Newton(N)

10. Effects of forces

10.1. It can change the shape/size of an objet

10.2. It can change the direction of a moving object

10.3. It can stop a moving object

10.4. It can change the speed of a moving object