"Discuss the view that children always suffer when both parents work."

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"Discuss the view that children always suffer when both parents work." by Mind Map: "Discuss the view that children always suffer when both parents work."

1. 4. (Wei Jie) Opposing argument: When both parents work, children will have a better living and studying environment.

2. Elaboration: Both parents work, busy schedule, neither have much time to interact, bond with children

3. Example: Without the monitor of the parents, children may get overly involved in computer/internet games, and be obsessed overtime. This may greatly affects their study and health condition

4. Reiteration: Doubts unsolved, children may feel neglected, suffer emotionally a great deal when both parents work

5. Elaboration: If both parents are working, the child will have to take care of himself, hence making more independent than other children.

6. 1.(Qionghua) Supporting argument: Children are lack of parental care and attention

7. stand: Children do always suffer when both parents work

8. Exmaple: Parents do extra work, get home as late as 12 o'clock, still need time to take a bath, settle themselves down; children encounter troubles at school, no one to talk with

9. Elaboration: Parents will not be able to monitor the children's behavior since they are busy working. Children may not have the ability to identify the harmful elements in the society and keep away from them.

10. Reiteration: Children's health, study and character building may suffer greatly without the parents' monitoring and leading.

10.1. 2.(Danning) Supporting Agument: children are lack of parental monitor and may be affected by harmful elements in the society

11. 3.(Zhi Yi) Opposing argument: Children whose both parents are working will become more independent than children who has at least a parent at home to take care of them.

12. Example: If both parents are working, then the child will have to settle his own meals and also have to help with housework as both parents are busy with work.

13. Elaboration: Since there is approximately double the income earned as compared to having one working parent, the children will get to enjoy benefits as far as money is concerned.

14. Example: This includes ease of payment of tuition/school fees and the presence of a conducive studying environment at home in the form of a study room with proper furniture. Furthermore, in the case one parent falls ill, there will be less of a financial burden compared to when the sole breadwinner of a family does so, as there is another income earner and probably savings from the dual-income family.

15. Reiteration: Since the child is able to lead a good life with a high standard of living due to stability of the income of the family, he does not suffer from the working of both his parents.

16. Conclusion: Children always suffer when both parents work.