"Challenges" audience

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"Challenges" audience by Mind Map: "Challenges" audience

1. GEN Z

1.1. they want to do more than just the petitions

1.1.1. risk: slacktivism. let's not lose focus on systemic change.

1.2. working with local communities

1.2.1. more diverse demographics but with the same goals building on the diversity, this is something else that has been a big part of the conversation in the hubs, how to make sure we’re embedding EDI in our communications across channels, so maybe one of the needs and expectations could be to visualize the intersectionality between the environmental movement and other social justice movements Escapist content. This resonates a lot to Gen Z right now to escape from the reality (during lockdown). It could be an idea for the Challenges (GPSEA did a research)

1.2.2. we are working with local communities NEAR coal power plants, in terms of demographics, they’re very different. Old/Young, educated/less educated, common goal, clean air, heat/electricity.

1.3. young women in cities

1.3.1. certain things are not available for every person around the world. ED&I. some people can't protest (for political or other reasons) see the results & impact

1.4. Students then college and middle age (GPI)


2.1. post lockdown, thinking about things with children a lot more, challenges targeted more relational, inspired to join with family to address issues. Common persona?


3.1. kids in school are changemakers. they love environmentalism. animations?


4.1. older people are often ignored by GP. can design be for everyone? we should design for a key audience but should stay inclusive